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Employee safety is imperative
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OH&S is the acronym for Occupational Health and Safety

What is OH and S? Those in the business of health and safety know, but many people may not recognize this expression, even if they have heard it before.

OH and S stands for "Occupational Health and Safety" and the manner in which health and safety risks are assessed and determined so they can be prevented.

Occupation safety and work place health focuses on the health, safety and welfare of people in the workforce. This includes public health, occupational and industrial hygiene, ergonomics, occupation medicine, health physics safety and industrial engineering and chemistry. The goal is to keep the work force healthy and safe, which ultimately reduces disability benefit costs, sick leave and the need for medical care.

When a risk assessment is done, and done well, it protects a company or organization and its employees from getting hurt. Companies must comply with applicable laws and utilize the work place safety tools applicable to the type of business they conduct.

A savvy company owner knows that the health and safety of his employees is the number one priority. If employees get sick because of environmental toxins at the work place or get injured because safety precautions are not in place, this is going to cut down on the productivity of the company, its income as well as set up the company for a lawsuit.

An employer who actually cares about his employees knows that their psychological and physiological well-being must be good in order to keep people on the job and producing. Every employee should take steps to safeguard their workers safety and health while on the job.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2000 was put in place to promote and secure the safety, health and welfare of people while at work and to protect them from risks to their safety or health that occur as a result of their job.

Additionally, the act focuses on the physical work environment and how well workers are protected form illness and injury. Cooperation between the company owners and the employees is imperative so that improvements can be made and the workplace is safer and healthier.

When an employee is injured or becomes sick, this is to be identified, assessed and changes made so that this type of occurrences doesnt happen again to another employee. Furthermore the OHSA of 2000 puts emphasis on informing the public about occupational safety and health issues and the need for the legislature to push through changes in technology and work practices that result in a safer and healthier work environment.

Those workers who do not work in a safe and healthy environment and who get sick as a result (or injured) cost businesses millions of lost work days each year and a thousands of dollars that the businesses cant afford to lose.

If health issues are taking their toll on the workers in a company, the business owner needs to address these issues and rectify them immediately. When a company cares about its employees, particularly about their health and safety, the company becomes known as a compassionate one. People want to work for them and they stay on the job for years, which reduces the turn-over rate. Retaining employees saves money.

When employers take care of their employees, and that includes providing them with a safe, healthy environment in which to work, as well as medical treatment when they need it, the employees return the favor by being loyal to their employers. Happy employees are better employees. This is a win-win situation for both sides.

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