Nostalgic decor: using wholesale coke collectibles

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Coke bottle
Who can resist the allure of the Coca-Cola bottle? Using wholesale coke collectibles and other nostalgic art in your business will quickly attract customers
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Discover how decorating with nostalgia increases your business's appeal.

The juicy rat-a-tat-tat signaling the final swig of a frosty drink making its way up a straw also may signal the winding down of people at play. Food and drink suffice when one is hungry or thirsty. But whether folks are seated in a restaurant, a tavern or elsewhere, the minds of visitors never rest. People always are searching for visual satisfaction—a cerebral feast of delights. Give them all they want by providing a well-decorated environment whose unusual accoutrements ensure commentary—and return visits.


What is the draw of nostalgia?


Business owners can make customers' visits more memorable by adding some elements of visual interest. Decorative items that appeal to patrons' sense of nostalgia are effective eye-catchers. In these days of hectic schedules, too much work, too much responsibility and too little time, people value the chance to relax. They want to revisit a time when things moved a little slower. It would be a welcome break for everyone to feel—even for a short time—a return to the good old days.


These days, one can decorate almost any space without denting the corporate wallet. Introduce a touch of nostalgia by using oldies but goodies such as Coca-Cola collectibles. Spice up the décor with economical, time-tested items: wholesale coke collectibles. Innocently attractive, curly-haired models of yesteryear graced all kinds of merchandise in the late 1800s. Today's reproductions are alluring, too.


Decorative collectibles come in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials. Trays, prints, posters, advertising signs and give-away items such as magnets are popular. They may indeed become the added attractions that draw people to a location where fun is the main course. Does that sound like your business?


People relate to Coke. The tasty tonic was invented in 1886 by a doctor of Pharmacy—John Pemberton—who lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Its recipe changed over the years—the original contained cocaine—but the soda-fountain specialty soon was ensconced into American culture. Today, the fizzy drink is popular worldwide and wholesale coke collectibles grace all kinds of places where hospitality and bonhomie reign supreme.  


Why consider wholesale art?


When the ambiance of a business calls for décor of a different nature, other choices abound. Few business owners have the time or inclination to search the world for art treasures. But they know that displaying interesting artworks may lead to increased foot traffic and a bottom line so golden it would titillate Midas.


Wholesale art fills the need for something customers can enjoy as they spend time patronizing your business. Available today are many varieties of art: sculptures, woven tapestries, abstract art and framed prints of everything from funky portraits to famous masterpieces. The empty space on a wall that naked is a vast wasteland of boredom makes a great background for well placed art.


A room full of paintings with a shared theme imparts a sense of unity. Consider who uses the room. A noisy, teen emporium will require a different plan than will a space occupied by wine-sipping literati. Paintings with similar subjects are sure to appeal to aficionados. For example, a display of framed oils depicting race horses pounding down the home stretch or some watercolors showing fleets of sailboats riding wind-whipped waves will encourage people who love boating—or the ponies—to linger a little longer.


Why not combine decorative elements?


There are many ways to decorate using wholesale art. One of the most successful is to combine art that conveys old-time themes with replicas of vintage artifacts. The golden era when the family's jalopy sputtered along rural roads is long gone. Nevertheless, displaying some replicas of colorful, old license plates is an economical alternative for decorating a business, restaurant or store. What is on your walls?


Intriguing geometric patterns on the walls of a restaurant, retail business or other enterprise also can be achieved by using tin signs. Square, rectangular or round tin signs also look great when hung in a random manner. The variety and quality of today's retro wall signs and tin signs is top notch. Tin signs that commemorate Hollywood stars of bygone days, vintage motorcycles or muscle cars of the '50s are decorative enhancements almost any business owner can afford. Here's lookin' at ya!


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