How to change a baby diaper

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changing diaper
It's dirty, it's disgusting, but it's a part of life -- the diaper change.
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Changing a diaper is as easy as one, two, pee

Such a simple task can bring fear and uncertainty to many. Practically all of us have worn them, yet not everyone knows how to change them. In fact, many become stressed and anxious at the mere thought of it. It's dirty, it's disgusting, but it's a part of life--the diaper change.

Along with the many baby products that will soon fill your home--if you are expecting a little one soon-- baby diapers will also make an appearance and hang around for a few years. For those who don't know how to change a diaper, find comfort in the fact that it is easy and you can become a pro at it rather quickly.

Changing baby's diaper is all about efficiency and comfort for both you and the baby. You want to change it quickly to prevent any accidents from occurring during the process and also because most babies don't like it. 
Many find it uncomfortable to have cold air hitting their nether regions and some protest lying on their backs. As a result, many babies will kick and scream during the diaper changing process. For this reason, you want to change a diaper as fast as you can, while still applying the diaper securely and comfortably.

Although you probably won't beat any world records for the fastest diaper changer the first few times you try it, you will eventually pick up the pace as you learn how to master the diapering process with skill. Rest assured, you will soon be able to change a diaper on the go, one-handed, while multi-tasking.

To begin, collect the diapers and baby hygiene products and place them close by so they are easy to reach. Grab multiple diapers, plenty of baby wipes and rash ointment if your baby is prone to developing diaper rash. Wash your hands to prevent spreading any germs from you to the baby. If soap and water isn't convenient, wipe your hands with a baby wipe.

Lie the little one down flat on his or her back in a comfortable setting, such as a baby changing table or bed. If your baby begins to fuss, talk to her in a soothing voice or give her a toy, if she's old enough. Unfasten the diaper but do not completely remove it.

Pull the front of the diaper down and use it to wipe any poo off of the baby. You probably won't get it all, but try to get as much as you can. If you have a boy, cover his penis with a cloth, so that he doesn't urinate on you or himself.

Grab the baby by her ankles and gently lift her legs up so that her bottom comes off of the table. Fold the diaper down on itself so that the clean side is facing up and rest her bottom on it, this way, if she goes potty again, it will mess up the diaper instead of the table or bed.

Use a wipe to clean any mess on the front of the baby. If you have a girl, be sure to wipe from front to back to prevent infection. Next, gently lift her legs up and wipe her bottom. Now is the time to apply any diaper rash treatment your baby may need.

Remove the dirty diaper from under the baby and grab a new one. Unfold the diaper and place the bottom half of it under the baby's bottom. Spread her legs to a comfortable position and bring the front of the diaper up so that it rests on the belly. Avoid covering the baby's umbilical cord stump if she still has one. Don't pull the diaper too tight or allow it to bunch in between the legs, as they can cause uncomfortable chaffing.

Secure the diaper by unfastening the adhesive strips located on the back upper sides of the diaper and attaching them to the front top of the diaper. (Or if you're using cloth diapers, place the clearn diaper in a diaper cover, secure the fastener on the cover.) Be sure the diaper is snug, but not so snug that it pinches the baby.

Place your baby in a safe setting, then dispose of the diaper. Congratulations, you know now how to change a diaper and keep your babie's bottom healthy. You may want to keep this bit of knowledge a secret, however, because once people know you can change a diaper, you are often volunteered for this noble task.

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