How to dress your baby

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baby in a onesie
Onesies are often fashion staples for babies
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Use your common sense when determining how to dress your baby for the weather

If you're a new parent, you may be overwhelmed by all of the things you may not know about how to care for your little one. An issue that often comes up, but is usually unexpected, is not knowing how to dress your baby. A child old enough to talk can tell you when he is hot or cold, but an infant relies on you.

Fortunately, you can keep your newborn comfortable and dressed appropriately with no problem at all.

When It's Cold Outside

Parents sometimes think they have to really bundle up their bundles of joy when the temperatures drop, but you may not have to dress her as warmly as you think. A good rule of thumb is to put her in the same amount of layers as you, plus one more.

Therefore, when you've got a T-shirt and a sweatshirt on, do the same for her, but add another layer in there somewhere, like a onesie. A practical embroidered onesie is not only useful, but adorable, as well.

You must remember to return her to her normal clothing situation when you get back indoors, however. If not, she could become overheated. Even if she is asleep, you'll need to remove the extra layers of clothing, especially coats, hats, heavy sweaters and warm one piece sleepers.

Being too hot could interrupt your child's nap, as well. Additionally, wearing too many layers puts her at risk for SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. Simply take off her layers and slip her into a sleep sack. Since blankets could cause suffocation, keep them off of her until she is older. 

Hot Weather

It may be tempting to stick your little one in next to nothing on hot summer days, but his skin needs protection from the sun. Before you head out, always place sunblock formulated for babies on underneath his clothing. Doing so can prevent him from getting burned.

Typically, using your common sense in this situation will lead you in the right direction. When the temperature is soaring, you'll want to skip the pants and long-sleeved shirt. Instead, opt for something a little more lightweight, like a play suit or cotton dress. These outfits cover up a decent amount of skin but still lets your baby feel cool and comfortable.

No matter what you put your babe in, however, he'll need to don a hat to keep his head protected from the sun. You could also make sure your little one stays under an umbrella or shade tree in order to keep him feeling cool and out the sun.

Although overheating is rare, it can happen. Knowing the signs of heat exhaustion can keep your baby safe and healthy. If he has a high fever, hot-feeling skin or becomes unconscious, seek medical help immediately. Additionally, other signs of becoming overheated include lethargy, agitation, diarrhea and convulsions.

Even though shoes are cute, your little one really doesn't need them until he can walk. Until then, he may find them uncomfortable. However, you can purchase socks that look like shoes, which keep your child's feet warm and often complete an outfit. Just make sure the socks aren't too tight.

Whether you realize it or not, you probably already know how to dress your baby. Doing so is not only necessary, but is often enjoyable too.


What to Expect: How to Dress a Newborn

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