How to get a two year old to sleep

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A sleeping toddler is often a welcome sight
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Knowing how to get a two year old to sleep makes life much easier

They don't call it the terrible two's for nothing; this is the time when children often become defiant, in both attitude and sleeping patterns. Gone are the days when your baby did whatever you told her, and that often includes going to bed. Knowing how to get a two year old to sleep can improve not only her well-being, but you and your family's, as well.

Creating a Cozy Environment

Transforming your toddler's room into a slumber oasis is one of the first steps in getting him to snooze. If he is still in a baby crib, you'll need to make sure he is both safe and comfortable. This means not allowing him to climb out, since he could injure himself. Lowering the crib mattress can help keep your little one feeling safe and contained.

Additionally, you could also move onto a crib tent, which fits over the top of the crib and prevents the child from climbing out. However, she'll need to feel snug as a bug and oh-so-cozy in her crib. You can help your toddler feel this way with super soft and cozy pajamas. Getting fun nighties or snuggly sleepers in her favorite colors or patterns can make bedtime feel just a little more special.

Keeping your child's room dark and quiet is also essential in encouraging him to doze off. The key is making sure it is dark enough for him to snooze, but not so pitch black it is scary. Placing a few nightlights in the room can keep things dim but not bright. Playing soft sounds can also help him drift to slumberland. White noise or lullabies can also block out some noises from your home that may have a hand in keeping him awake.

Bedtime Routine

Perhaps the most important aspect in getting your child to sleep is establishing a bedtime routine. You can't expect her to go from running around like crazy to making a trip to snoozeland; you have to calm her down and create a transition for her. A bedtime routine can help take her from hyper to quiet and tired.

Start by allowing him to play with something quiet and calming. For instance, let him color or watch a movie about going to bed. Doing so helps him to relax and start to calm him down. After about a half hour, move on to a nice and soothing bath.

Wash her with bath soap this is designed to clean, as well as soothe her. Soaps that contain lavender are often helpful in calming your toddler down and helping her get into a tired state. Singing quite songs can also help her get in the snoozing mood.

Wrap him in a soft and soothing hoodie to further help calm him down. Soft fabric like chenille feels good on his skin and keeps him warm, which also encourages him to get tired and drift off to baby dreamland.

After bath is story time. Dedicate at least a half hour to this practice. Say your words softly and calmly, and choose stories that are low-key. Reading action-packed stories will only excite your little one's mind, which makes going to bed that much more difficult.


Successfully going to bed is all about being comfortable. Giving your toddler a security blanket when she goes into her crib may help her relax and encourage her to doze off. Additionally, giving her some stuffed animals to cuddle with may also entice her to go to bed. Make sure you say good night to them too; doing so may help her realize it is time for everyone to hit the sack.

Unfortunately, your toddler probably won't go to bed without a hitch the first time you implement this new routine. However, sticking to it and practicing patience will likely result in success. Knowing how to get a two year old to sleep is one of the best feelings as a parent, and you can definitely do it.


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