Mother's Day gifts from babies

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Mom with baby
A Happy Mother's Day is guaranteed when a mom receives a gift that includes consideration of her child.
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Some Mother's Day gifts are from babies who have secret helpers to choose gifts

Beware! There are some sneaky smugglers among the families and circles of friends where moms have babies. The smugglers are not pirates but as Mother’s Day draws near these secretive shoppers become extremely crafty in their search for Mother’s Day gifts, supposedly from babies. Mother’s Day gifts from babies turn up at the festivities, tagged, “with love from baby.” Who knew baby was such a smart shopper?

You may catch these smugglers sneaking into the store mom patronizes when she buys baby clothes, little shoes or booties. You can see the smugglers innocently perusing bargains online and in baby boutiques whose wares include baby toys, baby furniture and other childish delights designed to make a baby happy and a new or not-so new mom smile.

Mother’s Day gifts from babies mysteriously make their appearance at the Mother’s Day party. The thoughtful treasures are lovingly gift-wrapped and tied with colorful bows, courtesy of the smugglers.

Holiday chatter quickly may reveal the true identities of the smugglers. But the gifts are always tagged, “to mom from baby.” It’s a wonderful thing when Mother’s Day gifts from babies are gifts that make mom’s special day an extra-happy one.

Some gifts give joy now and in the future

Most sincere smugglers of Mother’s Day gifts from babies realize that everyday items—cases of assorted baby food jars and the like—are vital necessities and perfectly worthy of purchasing as Mother’s Day gifts. However, they also know most moms want a little something special—especially on Mother’s Day.

If funds are abundant, consider giving her a set of baby washcloths—with a surprise tucked into the stack. Surprise her with a half-carat of diamonds in yellow gold stud earrings. She’ll faint and will never know diamond earrings need not be too extravagant a sacrifice for even halfway well-heeled givers of Mother’s Day gifts from babies.

One of the most cherished of Mother’s Day gifts from babies relates to a child’s first steps in exploring the world and moving ahead through childhood. Consider bronzed baby shoes for a gift that touches the heart. They commemorate mile markers in a baby’s life. And years later, they can be a wonderful memento for a mother to give as a gift—when that baby celebrates his or her 21st birthday. 


Give gifts that satisfy current needs

Smugglers—they’re a sneaky group of do-gooders whose intentions are of the highest nature. When they put their heads together, they come up with some great gift ideas. Anyone can adopt their techniques and become a secret shopper when Mother’s Day gifts from babies need to be obtained.

Some considerations about Mother’s Day gifts from babies relate to needs and wants. Investigate the volume of products, apparel and accoutrements mom already has for baby. Sometimes, a previous baby shower creates an overabundance of bibs, terry rompers and flannel crib blankets. But is there anything soothing for mom? Wise benefactors dabbling in Mother’s Day gifts from babies might consider some fresh, ripe strawberries or a beautiful tin of gift teas to help her relax.

She may enjoy the Mother’s Day gifts from babies that include gift cards for diapers, formula—or whatever she needs at the moment. Other contenders for the title of great Mother’s Day gifts from babies include gift cards for local restaurants and car-wash facilities. Try giving a movie theater gift card—accompanied by a handwritten “gift certificate” offering her a few hours of baby sitting at show time. Write the script in baby talk lingo and see mom laugh.

Do for mom the outlandish

Personal gift certificates, penned on nice paper by the givers of Mother’s Day gifts from babies, may be for services unique to the mom of the day. What does mom dislike doing? What chores always are put on the back burner until someone else does them? Why not volunteer to the things she just has no time—or no hankering—to tackle.

Really stealthy smugglers who connive to find unusual and much appreciated Mother’s Day gifts from babies may want to write up flowery gift certificates for one free lawn cutting, five free floor waxing procedures or a dozen window washings. Whoopee! At last, there’s someone who does windows, other than mom. These kinds of Mother’s Day gifts from babies are so welcomed and so cute—when the card is signed with baby’s name.

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