Nursery ideas without painting

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Writing on the wall says it all
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DIY nursery ideas without painting are easy and pretty!

For many parents to-be, turning the nursery baby blue or soft pink tops the to-do list. But if youíre a renter, this may not be an option. No worries. These nursery ideas without painting will help you create your dream baby room just the same.

These days, crafty families have countless ways to give their current living spaces a safe, happy and homey feel. With a baby on the way, youíll probably want to go the DIY route in decorating to conserve resources for necessities like diapers, diapers and more diapers. Besides, crafting a nursery for someone who is about to become the love of your life is fun.

For starters, stand in the space and jot down everything that comes to mind when you think about the baby. Itís safe to assume plain walls donít make the cut, so letís start with wall quote, decals and art that speaks to you.

Changing your walls without paint

When choosing a wall quote for the babyís room thereís one important detail to keep in mind. Babies canít read. Choose something that fills your heart. This way every time you enter, no matter how late it is or tired you are, the writing on the wall will instantly ease your mind. Donít worry about choosing something humorous because your baby will take care of the laughs department.

Quotes arenít your only option. Vinyl wall decals come in a wide range of designs from dinosaurs and cute animals, to whimsical floral patterns. If you have something very specific in mind, you can even have decals customized to your own design.

Using a vinyl quote or decals is a simple way to add color and life to plain walls. Theyíre also easy to put up and adjust until you find the perfect placement. And when itís time to move or change the room, simply peal them off with no damage done to the walls.

Think of a babyís point of view

In the first few months, your child will spend most of the time in the nursery lying down, looking up. Hang one ornate lighting fixture or a bright, over-sized paper lantern in the center of the room as a focal point. Decorate the nursery with a personal touch by gently sponge painting monkeys or polka dots around the outside.

Throw down a fluffy, colorful rug

Nursery ideas without painting are about stimulating all of the senses. Soft, fluffy rugs add texture to the space and young children adore fuzzy, fluffy and super soft materials. Be sure to lay the slip-resistant rug pads underneath. Choose a bold pattern to help balance the more subtle wall decor.

Crazy pillows

This is the perfect place for a few silly throw pillows. They canít go in the crib for safety reasons, but you can arrange them along a window seat or in the comfy chair youíll need for bedtime stories. Mix up the theme with a variety of pillows including animal shapes, nature patterns and geometric designs.

Curtain time

The curtains are your canvas for breaking up the walls with pops of color. Match them to the bedding or rug to tie in a design, or go with a pastel shade to soften the room. Save the curtains for last as the furniture and wall art may influence your color choice.

Nursery ideas without painting show you can create a beautiful, friendly space that your child will enjoy being in. The white space gives you freedom to have fun with all the other elements in the room without worrying about things getting too busy. The bare sections on the walls will tie all of shapes, colors and textures together.

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