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When only the best will do
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Style for babies is all about what is smart, and where there is simplicity

The baby industry serves the world’s most adorably dependent population. With one eye towards safety and the other towards style and function, there’s no shortage of innovative products to fill the shelves of every department.

From fashionable clothing, to the softest covers you've ever touched, find out what’s in style for babies and their parents.

Newborn blankets

A child’s first cover quickly becomes a source of comfort and security. When only the best will do, a super plush baby blanket in a soft pastel color may be just what you’re looking for. They’ll keep your little one toasty and comfortable, a perfect recipe for deep sleep.


It’s no surprise that the environment is often top of mind with parents. Using eco-friendly products is a direct way to channel your commitment to guarding the planet’s health. These days, green products are more accessible and affordable than ever. A handful of notables include:

  • Green diaper bag – Made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles, these bags have a sleek design with all the compartments you need to stay organized.
  • Organic cotton mattress – Made with non-allergenic, chemical-free cotton filling and cover, you can rest easy laying your child down each night. Also, look for crib mattresses coated in a non-toxic fire protection system.
  • Natural creams – Forget the lotions and shampoos with endless, unpronounceable ingredients. Not for this giggling generation. A number of all-in-one creams are made from soothing, natural ingredients to heal cuts, rashes, dryness and any other condition your child’s delicate skin may develop.


The clothing style for babies is all about freedom and comfort. Onesies and rompers in bright, fun colors give little boys and girls coverage from the sun without an uncomfortable elastic waist band. They can roll and squirm around without their shirts riding up or their pants inching down. 

Colorful graphic tee shirts are extremely popular for kids of all ages because they’re cheerful and expressive. Your kid won’t let you dress him like a cupcake-loving sailor for long, so take advantage of the power while you have it.

Carriers and Slings

The best slings and carriers allow the little ones maximum comfort. They also don’t add a lot of additional weight for the parent to haul, but do free up their hands. Parents magazine tested out their favorite designs with real new moms to give you the scoop on styles that are worth the money and why.

Slings may look like a long piece of fabric, but these magic-workers offer extra padding and a pocket for keys and other small things. They wrap over the shoulders so the child stays snug against you. Slings work well for bringing the baby along to walk the dog or run quick errands.

Convertible strollers

Strollers are one of the high ticket items on registries, so think beyond first impressions when choosing one. The convertible is an all-in-one design that transforms as a newborn grows into a toddler. This saves you money down the line because you don’t have to upgrade.

Playful car seats

Hearts, smiles and goofy characters are ready for their close-ups on car seats and other infant furniture. These playful designs have a touch of whimsy without going overboard and turning your home into a collage of wackiness.

Babies aren’t too picky about what you wrap them in, but their parents sure are. The materials that touch their skin and the designs that keep them company on long car rides should be protective and inviting.

Fortunately, these products only scratch the surface. Yesterday’s new parents created much of the style for babies you'll find today. Take advantage of their lessons learned so your baby will have a healthy, happy first year.

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