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Your newborn doesn't need much, except for a few basic necessities
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Answers for what does my newborn need to help new parents get ready for baby

With so many baby products on the market, new parents often find themselves wondering, "what does my newborn need?"

Sure, companies will tell you that you just have to have certain items, but are they really necessary? In actuality, babies don't need much except for loving parents and a few items.


Your infant was warm and comfortable while nestled in your belly. Now that she's out, she's probably a bit on the chilly side. In order to keep her warm and healthy, you'll have to dress her in clothing. No matter where you live, your baby will likely need to stay dressed, or at least wrapped in blankets, to keep her body temperature regulated.

Even though baby clothes are essential, they can still be adorable. A pair of footie pajamas not only keeps her comfy and snug, but shows off just how precious she is. Personalized pajamas of this nature are also keepsakes, so make sure you hang onto them, so you can look at them later on.


As any new parent will find out, diapers are a must. Your baby relieves himself many times throughout the day. If he's not wearing a diaper when he does, you will both likely have to change your clothing.

A variety of different types of diapers are available on the market. It is your choice as to whether you want disposable or cloth -- each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Parents often find disposable diapers much easier to work with than the cloth variety. Disposable diapers are simply thrown in the trash when they are soiled. The downside to these diapers is that they can become expensive, and they aren't necessarily good for the environment, as you will go through many in a short period of time.

Cloth diapers are more eco-friendly than the disposable variety, as you reuse the same diapers over again. However, cleaning the diapers can be time consuming and can use lots of water and detergent in the long run. Cloth diaper cleaning services are available and will come to your home and wash the diapers for you, which can make using them more convenient.  


Your baby has to have food in order to survive and stay healthy. For the first few months, she will survive entirely on formula or breast milk. The type of food you give her is up to you.

Breast milk is thought to be the healthiest option for infants. This natural food contains all the nutrients she requires and helps her body build immunity against certain problems, including allergens. A mother's milk also changes as the baby gets older, to adjust to her ever-changing needs.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding is often a tedious process, as breast-fed babies have to be fed every hour or two, which can make sleeping difficult. Additionally, some mothers find breastfeeding rather challenging, and become stressed out about the experience instead of being able to enjoy it. If you can feed your baby in this way, however, you'll likely find it to be comforting and pleasurable for the both of you.

If breast milk isn't an option for you, formula will keep your baby satisfied. Some parents prefer formula over breast milk as it often keeps babies fuller for longer. Additionally, formula is fed in BPA-free baby bottles, which means either parent can feed the baby. This sharing of the responsibility is often helpful as it can prevent one parent from becoming overwhelmed with the responsibility.

The type of formula you choose often depends on your baby. Some babies have difficulty tolerating typical formula blends and have to be switched to the soy varieties. Your pediatrician can help you choose which type works best for your little one. 

Above all, however, your little one requires love, which you will likely give in abundance.

"What does my newborn need" is a question that overwhelms many parents. Fortunately, once they figure out not much is needed, they can relax and spend their energy looking forward to the birth of their babies.


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