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Accessories for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 13, 2015
Filed Under Motorcycles 


harley davidsonby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Owning a Harley is about more than merely having a motorcycle.

From the distinctive and ever-changing designs to that unmistakable sound, riding this bike is a lifestyle complete with essential and nice-to-have extras.

Here are the top accessories for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

10. Leather jacket

Leather jacket

Leather jackets remain a popular choice for riders for a few reasons. They protect you from wind, rain and other elements that distract and make you uncomfortable. Should you fall, they help protect your skin from serious scrapes. Leather used for these jackets is harder and thicker than you’ll find on casual apparel, but it’s also stylish and cool.

9. Bandana


Even bandanas serve a purpose beyond fashion. Tying one around your head blocks friction between your head and helmet, keeps hair out of your eyes and the helmet lining stays clean. Bandanas are affordable, lightweight and easy to store so you always have one on you.

8. Speakers


What’s a good long drive without great music? Motorcycle speakers help you relax so it’s just you, the road and whatever you feel like listening to. They easy enough to install or upgrade if you’re not happy with the ones your bike came with. Like many accessories for Harley Davidson motorcycles, good quality is worth the investment.

7. Lead boots

Lead boots

Motorcycle fantasies have three ingredients: rider, bike and open road. Put some sturdy boots on the rider and that open road will be much more enjoyable. These will have a low heel so you can maintain control of the bike and are specially designed not to catch.

6. Gloves


Durable gloves give you a strong grip for better control. They also safeguard your hands in case you ever crash. It’s human instinct to throw your hands out to protect your face. A good pair of gloves will do the same for your hands.

5. Ear defenders

Ear defenders

Nothing makes a biker smile like the sound of his motor – his dangerously noisy motor. Wear either a helmet with built-in ear protection of ear defenders under the helmet to preserve your hearing and block the screaming wind. You’ll still hear what’s going on around you, just at a safer volume.

4. Sunglasses or goggles

Sunglasses or goggles

Riding with eye protection is a simple way to prevent an accident. Sunglasses, prescription eyewear or goggles protect the eyes from debris and block the wind and glare so you can see.

3. Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch

A motorcycle trailer hitch bolts on so there’s no need to make any huge changes to the bike for installation. Once on, you have the option to tow small hauls. Off-road riders attach the hitch to a truck to transport their bikes to a riding destination.

2. Helmet


Never leave without your helmet regardless of where you ride a motorcycle. Of all the accessories for Harley Davidson motorcycles, this is the most important one. You may live in a state that doesn’t require them by law, but wearing one can save your life. The Harley Davidson company makes four different kinds, including full-face, three-quarter and half coverage. Like buying a new brand of shoes, it’s best to go to a physical store and try them on to ensure a comfortable fit.

1. High visibility coat

High visibility coat

Leather jackets typically come in shades of black and brown. Unfortunately, these colors make it hard for other drivers on the road to see you. On a clear day this isn’t a big deal, but if you get caught it the fog or rain or are driving at night, a bright jacket with high visibility is far safer. If you love your leather, keep a bright vest with reflective strips in your trunk.


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