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Top 10 After Prom Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 12, 2011
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One of the top ten after prom ideasContributed by Missy Nolan, Top 10 Guru

There’s a teenage girl at every high school who has spent years planning her perfect prom night. It’s an elaborate affair second only to the fairy tale wedding that’s been in the works since her fateful 3rd birthday, when she received a beautiful doll decked out in a white lace wedding dress.

This is the girl who will show up in a gorgeous prom dress, with flawless makeup and a classy pedicure, paid for with no less than 7 paychecks from her after school job.

You’ll also find a few of the couples who love their friends, but love each other way more. You know the ones: the guy and girl who are first on the dance floor for slow songs, and first to leave the dance floor for rap, rock, pop or any other form of music that doesn’t result in gentle swaying and intense eye-gazing. Then there are the teens that see prom as just another fun night to hang out with several hundred of their favorite classmates. They want to dance, laugh, and socialize with their friends- and they don’t want the fun to end when prom is over.

So what’s the best thing to do when prom ends? It depends on who you want to spend the rest of the night with and what you want to do. The top ten after prom ideas below will point you in the right direction.

10. Slumber party

One of the top ten after prom ideas

You’re never too old for a slumber party. Pack your favorite pair of pajamas and head to your BFF’s house for a night with the girls. Have a good supply of gourmet flavored popcorns on hand, along with bags of candy and other munchies, fill your mouth and giggle together about the fun night you just had. Coed slumber parties are also popular, but make sure it’s okay with your parents first.

9. The park

One of the top ten after prom ideas

Bring your camera to capture a night full of monkey bars, slides, and merry-go-rounds. Did you know you could climb up the jungle gym in high heels without falling on your face? You do know.

8. The parking lot

One of the top ten after prom ideas

It’s a great place to ummmm, talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about how awesome prom was. And maybe share a few kisses. If the weather’s nice, throw a blanket down and lay under the stars.

7. A 24 hour diner

One of the top ten after prom ideas

Now that you don’t have to worry about fitting into your dress or tuxedo anymore, you’re free to eat whatever you want. Down a plate of chili cheese fries and talk until the sun comes up. Don’t forget to tip your waitress well!

6. Walmart

One of the top ten after prom ideas

You usually shop at Walmart in sweats and a grungy ponytail. The cashier won’t recognize the face hidden below 3 coats of luminous foundation and 37 spritzes of salon-quality hair spray. If your feet hurt too much to walk around Walmart all night, grab some chips and head to your next post-prom destination.

5. Hotel party

One of the top ten after prom ideas

There’s always a guy who has booked his own hotel room or convinced his parents to do it for him since he’s underage. Crank up the music and pick up where prom left off. Just don’t get kicked out of the hotel. That’s only cool when celebrities do it.

4. Random classmate’s party

One of the top ten after prom ideas

If you weren’t lucky enough to get invited to any hotel parties, show up to a random classmate’s party. They won’t mind. They probably won’t even notice.

3. The limo

One of the top ten after prom ideas

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do when you’re in a blinged-out limo. If you don’t want to go with basic black, rent a pink limo for the night. Have the driver take you on a scenic tour of your own town. Or the party thrown by that girl who always made fun of you behind your back.

2. Bowling

One of the top ten after prom ideas

What’s better than bowling with your friends? Bowling with your friends in prom dresses and tuxedos. Even if you don’t knock down a single pin, you’ll still look cute each time you take your turn.

1. Your bed

One of the top ten after prom ideas

Prom was fun (or maybe it wasn’t), but you can only handle so much of your classmates for one night. Curl up in bed with a good book and your soft, luxurious sheets. Sweet dreams!


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