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Top 10 Baby Gift Registry Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 13, 2010
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Contributed by Aurora LaJambre, Info Guru

While preparing for the newest addition to your family, you may have noticed that your baby is high maintenance and she or he’s not even born yet!

The list of baby needs seems to grow exponentially during the final months of pregnancy. No worries, a baby gift registry is here to help.

The baby gifts registry is your opportunity to let friends and family (who are going to buy you a gift anyway) know exactly what you want for your baby. Include big ticket items and lower cost essentials so people can make a purchase at the level they feel comfortable with.

10. Baby basics

From day one, there are a handful of small items that will keep your baby warm, comfortable and protected. Scratch mittens will keep them from scratching their faces, while skull caps and socks will keep them nice and toasty. Round out your baby gift registry with a few relatively lower cost, but helpful items like a baby bumbo, baby plates, blankets, outlet caps, spoons, burp cloths, baby lotions and bottles.

9. Baby bath tub

Many moms bathe their newborn babies in the kitchen sink. It’s easy on your baby and feels comfortable because it’s a small space. Baby bath tubs are the next step from the sink, and will help you secure your baby when she’s slippery.

8. Diapers

The more you have the better: newborns can go through up to 18 diapers in a single day. The cost adds up and the last thing you’ll want to do after an all-nighter with baby dearest is to run out for diapers first thing in the morning. Diaper cakes are presentable baby gifts packed with diapers and other handy items like wash clothes and wipes.

7. Diaper bag

Choose your diaper bag for function and style as it may end up replacing your purse for a while. Baby stores carry mix of contemporary colors and designs; just make sure the bag you choose is large enough to hold several diapers, a changing pad, wipes, bottle and pacifier. Look for a bag with structure so you can find what you need with one hand.

6. High chair

The highchair provides a place for your baby to sit when he starts eating solid foods, and keeps his food mess relatively contained. Look for a chair with solid stability and a harness to keep him from slipping out.

5. Changing table

The changing table is where the magic of a clean diaper turns a fussy baby into a sweet smelling, happy child. A changing table provides a clean, organized space dedicated to changing your baby. Plus, the height of a changing table keeps you from straining your back. Add a changing pad and pad covers to your baby registry for use when you’re out and about.

4. Baby monitor

Baby monitors will put your mind at ease while your baby sleeps, and give you the freedom to read, work and sit in quiet without worrying. Choose between a video or audio monitor, and look for a model with a portable receiver to maximize your flexibility.

3. Stroller

Strollers may not be required by law, but you’ll be glad to have one every time you go anywhere with your baby. Consider choosing one lightweight collapsible stroller and one full-size model to suit your other needs. Full-size strollers are large, sturdy and designed to adapt for your baby’s comfort. Some parents enjoy jogger strollers, three-wheeled strollers with a safety strap and hand brake for parents who want or need to bring the baby along for their run.

2. Crib

Your baby will spend about 18 hours a day in his crib during his first year. Look for a safe, functional model with multistage options; this will allow you to use the same piece of furniture as your baby grows into a toddler. While you’re in the crib section the of the baby store, add a crib mattress and baby bumpers to your baby gift registry. In addition to choosing a style you like, look for a product with waterproof, dust mite encasement.

1. Car seat

File this item under ‘Essentials’ as the hospital won’t let you bring your baby home without an appropriate car seat – even if you’re walking your baby home from the hospital. Car seats are the one item you’re required by law to buy. Car seats range in styles from portable infant car seats that detach easily, so you can carry the baby in the car seat without waking her up, to convertible car seats that combine infant and toddler seats. Look for a car seat with a good safety rating, five point harness, front harness adjusters and removable and washable fabric padding.


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