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Checklist of New Home Basics

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 7, 2016
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by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Whether you’re leaving your parent’s home or moving out on your own without roommates for the first time, there are things to be sure you have on hand.

Some of these items may not often be thought about – until you realize they’re not around. So, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 items you’ll need to furnish your new home.

10. Can and bottle opener


From cans of tuna to bottles of beer and wine, a can and bottle opener is one of the handiest gadgets in the kitchen. Sometimes you can find them in an all-in-one piece of equipment, although it’s usually easier to have a separate can opener from a wine corkscrew. One of the easiest wine keys to use has a corkscrew for twisting into the cork and a lever that rests against the lip of the bottle to help work the cork out.

9. Oven mitts

oven mitts

Many people often think of oven mitts when it’s time to pull that freshly baked pizza out of the oven. Sure, you can use tea towels to help protect your hands. Usually, these are a little thin and the heat transfers through them quickly. Save yourself the potential of burns and blisters by having some decent quality mitts. Some are even made of heavy silicone plastics instead of the traditional felt or quilted cloth.

8. Coasters


You know, those little things your mom was trying to get you to use all the time. They really do help protect surfaces from water rings and condensation marks left by drinks. Ones made of cork or sandstone absorb some of the liquid and further keeps potential damage to a minimum. Once you’ve paid for your own furniture, you’ll be happy to use a coaster or two.

7. Plunger


This handy tool is something everyone should own. It will work on temperamental toilets, as well as slow kitchen and bathroom sink drains that need a helping hand. Use the plunger as the first step to help free slow or clogged drains. If problems persist or a pipe breaks, it’s time to bring in the professionals.

6. Iron and ironing board

iron and ironing board

People will notice if you routinely wear wrinkled clothes – and they may assume your life is reflected by your clothing. To let them know you’re able to take care of things, make sure your clothing is ironed and tidy. At the very least have a good iron and know how to use it well. You can get by without a board by using a layer of towels on a table if you must. There are, however, many options when it comes to boards, from small ones to full-size models that can fold away for easy storage.

5. Mending kit

mending kit

If you lose a button or accidentally tear a seam, you’ll need to be able to fix it. A good mending kit will have everything you need for basic repairs to clothing and other household linens. These kits contain a variety of thread colors, a few needles, a thimble and small pair of scissors. You’ll find yourself using it more often than you originally thought.

4. First aid kit

first aid kit

Everyone needs a first aid kit. This will also help keep your bathroom tidy if space is limited. Have the usual bandages and antiseptic wipes, of course. Also consider keeping basic medications in it, such as aspirin and burn creams. Creams for bug bites can come in handy, too, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

3. Duct tape

duct tape

It has a light side, a dark side and it keeps the world together. Duct tape is one of the most versatile items in a homeowner’s tool chest. It’s perfect for a quick patch until you have the time to do the job right. Just know that it doesn’t really work for keeping ductwork together – that’s best done with aluminum tape.

2. Full length mirror


Bathroom mirrors are great, especially if you’re looking at yourself from the chest up. To get a better idea of how well your pants go with your top, you need a full-length mirror. Floor models are convenient and can go in any room, taking up very little space.

1. Comfy recliner


A good-looking recliner can enhance the décor of any room and can beckon you to take a nap at any time of day. Recliners let you put your feet up and your head back for perfect relaxation. Some swivel so you can perfectly position yourself in the room, while others have a rocking feature. Many models today offer powered seating that can get you comfy with a flick of the switch. There are many options and one is sure to suit you perfectly.

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