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Cruise Packing Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 22, 2013
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cruise packingContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

It’s almost time to bid “Bon Voyage”.

All you really want to do is practice “flying” at the helm of the ship with a handsome someone holding you tight, but that’s not very productive. Not when your pile of vacation clothes is twice the size of your suitcase.

These top cruise packing tips will help you stay glamorous, prepared and wrinkle-free at sea.

10. Clothes for him

 Clothes for him

If you’re traveling with a man, do him a favor and share these cruise packing tips. Remind him to bring swim trunks and to pack for your destination’s weather. Casual, stylish menswear is ideal for cruises. We’re talking khaki vacation shorts, Hawaiian prints and sun protected button downs.

9. Leave the kitchen sink

 Leave the kitchen sink

Close quarters can be romantic as long as you’re not buried under toiletries and spending more time looking for your toothbrush than at each other. Fill a hanging toiletry case with lotion, shampoos and all the beauty goodies you can fit, and then step away. If you forget anything, a store on ship will sell the simple bare necessities.

8. Port bags

Port bags

In the moment, the excitement of landing in port makes it easy to forget little things like sunscreen and cash. Bring a reusable travel tote and pre-pack it with travel-sized tissues, insect spray, rain ponchos, a map and other must-haves. You’ll thank yourself later.

7. Colorful luggage tags

Colorful luggage tags

Soft, black luggage continues to dominate travel departments, but the blandest bags can still stand out. InStyle suggests purchasing the brightest, most colorful luggage tags you can find so you’re not grabbing at every black case on the conveyor belt. Tie on some crazy ribbons for good measure.

6. Don’t forget the carry-on

carry on

It may sound counter-intuitive to bring a carry-on when you’re trying to keep things light, but these bags can wear many hats. Use it to hold snacks and travel pillows on your way to the ship. Once aboard, it can serve as a laundry bag. Upon departure, pack any mermaids and other delicate souvenirs for the trip back.

5. Hanging shoe organizers

Hanging shoe organizers

If half your to-pack pile is shoes, get yourself one of those narrow shoe organizers that hang in the closet. These are affordable and take up hardly any space when collapsed. Once on board, use it to keep sexy sandals and heels off the floor and to store belts, purses and other easy-to-lose accessories. Step into heeled flippers at your own risk.

4. Bring plastic baggies

Bring plastic baggies

The glory of all-inclusive discount cruises is that you don’t have to whip out your wallet every time you want a bite to eat. Pack a roll of baggies to hold some snacks from the ship so you don’t have to pay for questionable tourist food. Save your money for souvenirs and special experiences, like scuba diving.

3. Board in style

Board in style

These days it’s not uncommon to drive and fly in the most comfortable sweatpants possible, but this is no way to make an entrance on a cruise ship. Bring a resort-casual dress or light-weight tunic in your carry-on and change before boarding. It may be hours before your bags arrive in your cabin so choose a pretty, casual outfit that can take you through dinner. Bright prints hide wrinkles and definitely say you’re ready for a good time.

2. Encroach


Of all the cruise packing tips this is the most universal. Your hubby has it all wrong if he insists on his and her luggage. What happens if, worst case scenario, one of the bags gets lost? Lay out everything on the bed and put half of your stuff and half of his in each case. This way a bag mix up won’t phase you.

1. Bag it

Bag it

Dry cleaning bags are your new best friend. Hang your dinner outfits and other nice clothes on hangars and wrap each on in a dry cleaning bag. Stack the bags, fold them in half and lay them on top of everything else in your suitcase. Your vacation dresses will be wrinkle-free and ready for the cubby closet as soon as you arrive in your cabin.


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