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Best of … essential sports bike gear

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 19, 2011
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One of the best of essential sports bike gearContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

So, you’ve got yourself a bike, well done. With summer coming, there are few things nicer than hitting the open road and swallowing a few bugs.

Few things, that is, except that before you are ready for the street, you should check these essential sports bike gear off your “to buy” list. After all, you want to be safe, sound and in one piece for those gorgeous autumn rides, don’t you?

Riding Gloves

Adjustable and cool

You see them all the time…people who choose to ride their cycles with bare hands. But all it takes is a little bug or a bit of road debris, and you can have anything from a little ouch to a big injury. You’re even at risk of losing control of your bike if you flinch on impact.

That’s why comfortable, protective gloves like the Fox series are a must-have when you’re buying bike gear. You want something that will protect your skin and shield knuckles from impact. But you also want something that’s light and breathable enough for everyday wear. Yup, they have you covered!

They also have everything else you need for a safer ride, from goggles to riding wear, so check them out for the rest of your gear, too.


Comfort and protection for long and short rides

Everytime you get on your bike, make sure your feet are well-protected inside of sturdy leather boots designed to stand up to the wear and tear of on- and off-road rides. But there’s no rule that says those boots have to be ugly!

That’s why Leather Coats Etc. features beautiful, well-made motorcycle boots to protect you, while looking stylish enough to wear around town even when your bike’s at home! They have boots for women, like these gorgeous ones, and styles for men, too.

And while you’re there, check out their selection of motorcycle jackets and gloves too. They’ve got you covered head to toe!


Safety can be comfortable

One of the best of essential sports bike gear

Wearing a helmet has been the law in most states for years, and a good idea regardless of whether it’s required or not. However, there’s no reason your helmet can’t ooze a bit of style, some panache if you will. A good motorcycle store can help you out with a collection of half helmets, including the Bell Drifter Black Hide. They’re safe, lightweight and open, with just the slightest hint of biker gang.


Protect your body

Any discussion of bikes, let alone bike accessories, has to include something for off-roaders. Whether you tear through the mud and sand for fun or racing, adding some protection is always a good idea. Dennis Kirk specializes in all things power sports, including the TekRider Crosserover Tek Vest protective body armor. It’s vented and light-weight for maximum cooling even during summer rides, with the best possible side and front body protection. And the removable foam back panel offers full protection…or comes off if you’re wearing a backpack.

Best of all, you won’t need a special jacket to get this level of protection…TekVest is designed to be worn with your current jacket. And it accepts standard shoulder pads for added comfort and security, too.

Sports apparel

Good-looking clothes

One of the best of essential sports bike gear

Whichever color and style suits you best, a good motorcycle catalog has plenty to choose from, a racing jersey is a must for street and motocross bikers alike. Once the leathers and helmet are lost, a Fox jersey will keep you in the biker spirit. It’s kind of like donning the more comfortable togs after a black tie affair; you’re still in party mode, just a bit more subdued.

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