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Best of … haunted houses decor

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 11, 2011
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One of the best of haunted houses decorContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Freakin’ the kids out at Halloween is almost as much fun as working your way through their bag candy after they’ve (finally) gone to bed.

Whether you go full-scale Wes Craven on ‘em or just want to get in the Halloween spirit, when it comes to creating reall scary haunted houses, décor and details make all the difference.

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating a spooking haunted house? Put on a scary movie, turn down the lights and check out these must-haves for your spooky house… then wait for the screams to begin!

The Fabric Fairy

Spooky fabrics for draping

Setting the tone; that’s what a haunted houses décor can do if you can find just the right touch. The Fabric Fairy can provide you with lots of creepy, scary choices in black, grey or ghost-y white. Buy by the bolt to save more to add more spooky material to every room in the house.

Great Big Party Store

Halloween bones

One of the best of haunted houses decor

Skeletons are always a winner on Halloween; especially the glow-in-the-dark variety. Use this one in conjunction with some the other Best of Haunted Houses Décor items to really blow the little trick-or-treaters away. I’ve always been partial to the use of fishing wire, a small hook or pulley and the perfect timing to drop this on unsuspecting souls.

They also have lots of other haunted house decorating essentials, so spend some time browsing their Halloween decor section.

Creepy Candles

For a haunting glow

Candles everywhere

It just wouldn’t be a haunted house without the creepy flicker of candles. Check out Halloween themed candles, complete with spiders, ghosts and ghoulies, then start adding them to fireplace mantels, tabletops and porches. For areas where people might brush against the candleholders, opt for electronic, flameless candles for the look of a real candle without the danger of a flame.

Pyramid Collection

Dressing the part


A haunted house wouldn’t be complete without a few resident spooks of the living kind, too. And you’ll want to look the part, of course. The Pyamid Collection has a great selection of gothic dresses, jackets, and accessories that will work perfectly with a haunted theme — or a midnight stroll in a foggy graveyard. (Also great for scaring off that unwanted blind date! A plus!)

1000 Bulbs

Because lanterns are scarier than lamps

Forget the ordinary table lamps. And for goodness sake, turn off those overhead lights! This is a haunted house! Instead of standard light fixtures, dot the house and yard with spooky lanterns. These battery-powered lanterns provide just the right eerie glow to set the mood without dispelling those mysterious shadows. What could be better for creating a haunted atmosphere?

Electronics Stores

You have to have some creaks and screams!

Start to set the mood as soon as your guests (willing or not) walk up to the house with concealed outdoor speakers. All-weather speakers have been tested in some seriously harsh conditions so they’ll keep pumping out the screams, moans and rattling chain sounds even if your Halloween arrives with rain, fog or snow. And while you’re looking up these noise makers, take a look at some Bluetooth speakers for inside of the house, too. That way you can add ominous footsteps or spine-tingling whispers to any room in the house.

Whether you’re creating a haunted house for Halloween, or just because you enjoy scaring the socks off friends, family and casual passers-by, the details make all the difference between a yawn and a shiver-inducing experience. Happy Haunting!

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  1. Diane Bradford on October 13th, 2011 6:34 am

    Could you please send me a catalog,


    PO BOX 57 Tipton Pa 16684

  2. Staff on October 13th, 2011 8:55 am

    Diane, to order catalogs, go to, search for the store you want and then complete the online catalog request form. Some stores do not have paper catalogs, so the link will be to their online store. Happy Halloween shopping!