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Potentially Lucrative College Degrees

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 5, 2018
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People entering college today are hoping to make as much of a return on their investment in their education as possible.

This means choosing a degree for a field with a high-pay to pay off any student loans or help achieve a truly comfortable lifestyle. These are the top ten lucrative degrees for people who are interested in seeing the fields in highest demand.

10. Computer Science

The future is full of opportunities for technology fields. Automated robotics and artificial intelligence to become more and more common for assistance in our daily life. There is also a blossoming market for cyber security and development.

9. Law

law degree

People will always need lawyers as long as there are those that need protection and guidance through our legal system. Law students are able to concentrate their studies on a variety of relevant areas such as human rights, immigration, and political leadership for a variety of job opportunities in law that command respectable salaries.

8. Electrical Engineering

This is a field for those who are passionate about engineering and powering the world. This degree covers a wide range of solutions from microchips in handheld devices to giant multinational energy systems. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are just two of the pioneers of this discipline.

7. Medicine

medical degree

A drive to heal people generally pushes people into the studies of the medical sciences. This major lands on the list of top ten lucrative degrees because an undergraduate degree can lead to becoming a medical practitioner or doctor, a researcher, or endless other opportunities within the health field.

6. Physics

Those who look up to the skies and wonder about the processes of the world we live in should consider a degree in physics. This field generates knowledge that is fundamental to the history of mankind’s education by having given us astronomy, astrophysics, molecular physics, and much more.

5. Design

design degree

A graduate with a degree in design could be successful in the tech world of web page or app design, or in the realms of interior design and architecture. Someone who cares about accessibility and creating beauty would do well to choose this rapidly flourishing occupation.

4. Biology

Students who are invested in the study of living things will be sure to make a comfortable living with a biology degree. Job position s are constantly being created with frequent funding for research into pharmaceuticals, animals and plants, as well as the human body.

3. Business

business degree

There has never been a better time to start your own business. With the advent of social media, it has become possible to find clients, create a brand, and move product all without the overhead of leasing an actual store front. A business degree will help future entrepreneurs be able to make informed decisions regarding finances and management.

2. English

english degree

The lover of books and language could easily find work expanding on their degree as an English major. A firm grasp of grammar and prose could prove profitable in education, professional writing, and counseling.

1. Mathematics

There is very good reason mathematics is a fundamental part of lessons in school. Calculations make up a large part of everyday life. From the intellectual realm of quantum mechanics and calculus to the practical matters of accounting and data analysis; you will find that a degree in mathematics is almost universally applicable and endlessly useful.

All of these potentially lucrative college degrees open the doors to high salary positions in rapidly appreciating job market. Be sure to check out college websites to see what concentrations of study are offered and how they can benefit your future.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow


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