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Top 10 Cheap Spring Break Packages

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 5, 2012
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One of the top ten cheap spring break packagesContributed by Heather Vecchioni, Top 10 Guru

You’re a student, so your budget is probably a bit thin.

However, you still want to get your party on during spring break. You don’t have to sit in your dorm room all week and be envious of all your friends who are relaxing on a beach or having fun dancing the night away.

Join in on the fun by taking advantage of one of these top ten cheap spring break packages.

10. Nassau, Bahamas

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

With warm air, gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear water, you really can’t ask for anything more. The Bahamas is practically a spring breaker’s paradise, with sandy beaches, bustling casinos and hoppin’ clubs. So pack up your bathing suit, throw some sun block your the bag and get ready to have some fun because this spring break package is not only cheap, it’s sure to supply you with experiences you won’t soon forget.

9. Cancun, Mexico

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

Cancun is about as synonymous with spring break as partying is. And it’s easy to see why: beautiful beaches, over 200 bars and clubs and a ton of recreational activities. So while you’re taking a break from school, you can rest, relax and do whatever else you’d like while not taking yourself broke. So sit back, relax and enjoy one of those fruity drinks with the umbrella in it.

8. Acapulco, Mexico

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

It doesn’t get more picturesque than this – this glamorous city is nestled between the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Acapulco Bay. So while you’re basking in the sun on this sandy beach, you can look up and see gorgeous mountain tops. Not too bad for a cheap package, huh? And when you’re done getting your tan on, you can throw on some stylish trendy clothes and work the club and shopping scenes.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

If experiencing some world-class gambling and partying like a rock star sounds like your idea of a good time, Las Vegas is the place for you. This adult playground never sleeps and offers 24-hour gambling. With shows, amazing food and some of the best parties the world has to offer, Las Vegas is an ideal place to spend your spring break.

6. Panama City Beach, Florida

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

Pack up your car and take a road trip down to sunny Panama City Beach, Florida. The hot sun and party atmosphere is perfect for a spring break experience. Take a dip in the gorgeous water or hang on the beach and party. If you’d rather spend your days basking in the sun and reading, Panama City Beach lets you do that too. Whether your plan is to relax or party the night away, this cheap spring break hot-spot is the place for you.

5. South Padre Island, Texas

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

Bust out your cowboy hat and give a hardy “yee-haw,” because South Padre Island, Texas is a spring breaker’s paradise. Students can get their vacation on even when they’ve got a tight budget, as you can hop in your car and get there, or take a short flight. With huge beach parties and popular clubs, South Padre Island is sure to be memorable.

4. Panama City Beach, Florida

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

If your ideal spring break experience consists of shaking your booty and getting a tan, you’ve got to check out Panama City Beach, Florida. Packed with clubs and restaurants, this popular destination is chock-full of spring breakers and things to do. Fitness buffs can maintain their healthy lifestyles by running on the beach or practicing yoga on the sand. And they won’t have to go broke doing so with this town’s cheap spring break packages.

3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

Work some international flavor into your spring break by visiting Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. You’ll feel like a celebrity without spending big bucks by visiting the Dominican Republic’s top resort area. Enjoy the town’s massive beach parties, stellar stores and large resort complexes during your trip. Don’t forget to take a great new bathing suit to take a dip in the warm water, and some summery dresses for enjoying the evening breezes.

2. Negril, Jamaica

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

Does warm water and a super laid-back vibe sound like your ideal spring break vacation? If so, head to Negril, Jamaica. With sunny, warm and days and breezy nights, Negril offers its visitors paradise both day and night. Spend your days basking on the beach or enjoying the many recreational activities this beach town has to offer. And best of all, visiting Jamaica is super cheap.

1. Mazatlan, Mexico

One of the top ten cheap spring break packages

Want to feel like you’re in a whole new world without breaking the bank? Then check out Mazatlan, Mexico. Check out exotic clubs and bars while partying until dawn. Low humidity and sun-drenched skies make visiting the gorgeous beach ideal and the spectacular sunsets are super romantic. With cheap food that tastes amazing, you’ll want to head to this popular spring break spot.


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