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Top 10 Chocolate Candy Recipes

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 20, 2011
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One of the top ten chocolate candy recipesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

After completing the grueling research required to compile such a comprehensive list of Chocolate Candy Recipes, it’s conclusive: there are a LOT of ridiculously good candies out there to choose from.

Unfortunately, this particular sacrifice has necessitated an entirely new wardrobe; clothes are feeling more than just a little snug for some reason.

10. Molded chocolate

A list of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Yes, this candy recipe may lack the panache of some of our other Top 10 treats, but hey it’s chocolate, so how wrong can you go? There is also the flexibility of incorporating different shapes and sizes, making molded chocolate perfect for events like B-day parties, Holidays and, of course, Mothers Day.

9. Cow pies

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Chocolate, raisins and almonds rolled into one delicious goody is the chocolate candy equivalent of hitting a trifecta at the track. The person responsible for naming such a great candy so incredibly poorly remains a mystery to this day. It’s likely the culprit will never be found, who would ‘fess up to such a travesty?

8. Chocolate saltine toffee

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

A little salt, a whole lot of chocolate, the result is chocolate candy perfection. Something about that salty/sweet combination made this treat an instant classic. It’s like a Buddha yin and yang sort of thing. It also explains the plethora of empty chocolate (white and dark) covered pretzel bags.

7. Oreo truffles

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

This Top 10 Chocolate Candy Recipe begins by dividing the Oreos; which all Oreo fans know makes the dessert worthwhile right there. Now, add a package of chocolate and a bar of cream cheese and we’ve reached Utopia. A word of caution: don’t add up the calories of this one, it’ll just ruin the fun.

6. Acorn candy cookies

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Chocolate kisses dressed with crushed Nilla wafers on top, and melted butterscotch chips on the bottom, and you’ve got an acorn that would put a squirrel to shame. These may or may not qualify as actual cookies, but they’ll disappear so fast no one will notice one way or the other.

5. Chocolate mint truffles

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Chocolate and mint, mint and chocolate; there’s a reason the Girl Scouts sell out these cookies each year. Then, as if you needed anything more, toss in the smoothness of a truffle with heavy or whipped cream, and we’re knocking at the gates of confection heaven.

4. Chocolate candy turtles

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Not only are these delightful little treats easy to decorate for added fun at parties and other events, chocolate and caramel is a tried and true candy combo. A little heavy cream and pecan halves round out a near perfect chocolate candy treat.

3. Cranberry walnut white fudge

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Ooh, just seeing “cranberry walnut white fudge” can get you salivating; hopefully not rabidly; that can be a bit…disarming. Even if the drooling does become a problem, you’re sure to be forgiven if you whip up a batch of these candied goodies. For some confectionary connoisseurs, white chocolate leaves a bit to be desired and that’s just fine; it leaves more for the rest of us!

2. Deep fried chocolate truffles

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Truffles have certainly fared well in our list, and deservedly so. Nothing improves chocolate like the creaminess of a truffle. This is the perfect treat for those frugal candy-makers that don’t know what to do with the stale french bread from last night’s spaghetti dinner. The bread, along with some flour and egg, make the perfect coating prior to the deep-frying.

1. Chocolate covered (Fill in the Blank) truffles

One of the top ten chocolate candy recipes

Flexibility takes the prize for the #1 item on our Top 10 list of chocolate candy treats. You can’t go wrong with covered cherries or strawberries, that’s been scientifically proven. But what makes this little patisserie diddy the best is there are virtually no limits to what can be hidden under a blanket of chocolate. If you haven’t already, give grapes, blueberries and, of course, bananas a try; they won’t disappoint.

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