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Top 10 Movie Bloopers

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 18, 2011
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One of the top ten movie bloopersContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

One of the most entertaining aspects of watching a movie is the ending reel when bloopers are shown.

Movie bloopers happen frequently on most movie sets whether the premise is a comedy, romance, drama or action film. They most commonly occur when actors make mistakes such as messing up their lines, forgetting their lines or saying the wrong thing. Further improvisation among actors creates more humorous exchange that is ideal for bloopers. However, other movie bloopers may actually stay in the film as a result of producers and executives not being aware of the slip-ups or inconsistencies.

Here is a list of the top ten movie bloopers that will have you laughing for more.

10. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

One of the top ten movie bloopers

In a scene from one of the Harry Potter movies, there are candles lighting up a room in the prestigious Hogwarts School. However, the crew failed to hide or mask the wires upon which the candles were hanging from evidently.

9. Back to the Future

One of the top ten movie bloopers

Check out this YouTube video clip of Michael J. Fox committing a blooper on the set of Back To The Future where he takes a swig from a bottle. Unfortunately, he’s unaware there’s its whiskey!

8. Charlie’s Angels

One of the top ten movie bloopers

Do you ever wonder if movie stars get the names of their co-stars characters’ mixed up with their real names sometimes? Well, yes, it can and does happen. In fact, according to, in the 2000 flick Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore calls her co-star Lucy Liu by her actual name during a fight scene instead of her Liu’s character’s name, Alex.

7. Days of Thunder

One of the top ten movie bloopers

In another name slip-up, both Nicole Kidman and Rowdy Burns call Tom Cruise ‘Tom’ during a filmed scene. However, his character’s name is actually Cole!

6. Pearl Harbor

One of the top ten movie bloopers

In the 2001 war flick, Kate Beckinsale’s character, Evelyn, enters Pearl Harbour in a scene that included a shot of a building standing behind her. Interestingly enough, she must have been in some unexplained time warp as the building was marked with an “Est. 1953” sign but the actual year was 1941.

5. Mission Impossible 2

One of the top ten movie bloopers

The 2000 action box-office hit features Brendan Gleeson, an actor who portrays the head business-man of a pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, film writers and producers failed to make him credible as his character uses penicillin to combat a viral infection in a scene. In reality, penicillin would be used to fight bacteria.

4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

One of the top ten movie bloopers

Poor Harry Potter falls victim to yet another movie blooper. A scene between character’s Malfoy and Dumbledore near the end of the movie shows Malfoy with his blonde hair pulled back behind his shoulders. Although we know the actor is wearing a wig in real life, poor lighting makes it most obvious when viewers can see his real short, brown hair at the back of his neck.

3. American Pie

One of the top ten movie bloopers

A scene from the teenage box-office smash shows Stifler, played by Seann William Scott, with a girl who is drinking beer from a clear cup. However, when the camera returns to her, the cup is now blue and later changes back to a clear cup.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the top ten movie bloopers

In Curse of the Black Pearl, a scene of the pirates on ship shows one of the grip crew members just standing in the background. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be passed off as a pirate or extra since he was wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat.

1. Star Wars

One of the top ten movie bloopers

The classic science-fiction film has one of the most famous bloopers of all time. In a scene that has the storm troopers entering a control room, one of the poor troopers bangs his head off of the door frame!


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