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Top 10 Must-Have Electronic Gadgets for Students

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 31, 2011
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A list of the top ten electronic gadgets for studentsContributed by Suzanne Baldwin, Top 10 Guru

The students of today have access to a range of electronic gadgets that were unheard of as few as ten years ago.

Whether you’re just headed off to school or are preparing to defend your thesis, these gadgets will keep you on track and entertained for the entire year.

Here’s a list of the top ten must-have electronic gadgets for students:

10. Digital camera

Digital camera is on the list of top ten gadgets for students

College isn’t just about studying, no matter what your parents tell you – it’s also about the social skills you learn, and the friends you meet. Digital cameras have come a long way since their inception, and even the smallest hand-held will let you capture memories of the four (or five, or seven) craziest years of your life.

9. iPad

The iPad packs much of the punch of a small laptop, with the added benefit of complete portability. The new iPad with Retina Display is all that and more. You can slip the tablet into a purse or even a large pocket, allowing you to access the Internet and work on class projects (or your Facebook page) on the go. It even doubles as an e-reader, something that will become more important to college students as the cost of print books continues to escalate.

8. Kinect

Kinect is one of the top ten gadgets for students

An add-on for XBox 360, the Kinect allows players to interact with the video game onscreen – it’s as close as most of us will get to a Star Trek-type holodeck within our lifetimes. You can entertain yourself for hours during a rainy day, and it’s also a hit at almost any party.

7. e-reader

e reader

Whether you like the Nook, the Kindle or something else, you will need to have a way to read e-books. More and more schools are ditching the paper textbooks and replacing them with downloadable, interactive e-books. You can get a dedicated reader device, or double up with an app download on your tablet or laptop.

6. Smart phone

Gone are the days when a phone was, well, a phone. Today’s phones are our cameras, notebooks, music players, calendars, address books and entertainment. Even school-aged kids are toting around Smartphones. But the good news is that you can get the phone you want without paying a fortune for service. More and more flat rate cell phone providers are offering calling, text and data at prices even mom and dad can afford. Shop around for the best price, then buy an unlocked phone to avoid pricey contracts.

5. Multi-function printer

Whether you’re writing a paper or working on a project, a multi-function printer/scanner/fax is a must have for students. These all-in-one printer units have been getting more and more compact, so they’ll even fit on tiny dorm desks. No more running to the copy shop to scan or fax! Now that’s a gadget every student can use!

4. Tablet

Forget hauling around a heavy laptop. When you need to take notes in class, check something online, or just want to play a quick game, a tablet is the answer. These lightweight mini-computers are more powerful than desktops of just a few years back.

If you want a keyboard, look for a convertible tablet that docks into a keyboard to become an instant netbook-sized computer.

3. Alarm clock

An alarm clock is one of the top ten gadgets for students

Yes, you can program your iPhone or Android to wake you up in the morning – but phones aren’t always entirely reliable, and you might as well have a backup for those nights when you forget to charge your cell. If you are a deep sleeper, try a good old-fashioned alarm clock. Not fancy, not high-tech. But they work wonders. And the professor of your 8 AM class will thank you.

2. USB Memory stick

There isn’t really any way to emphasize this gadget enough. Memory sticks allow you to transfer files between computers – handy if you’re going from dorm to lab. Better yet, you can back up your important data, which will come in handy when your roommate decides to use your laptop as a drink holder. Carry one in your backpack or purse so you’re always ready to upload or download data in class or the library.

1. Laptop

Laptops are on the list of top ten gadgets for students

Laptops have been around for awhile, but this gadget, more than any other, will help you through school. You can use it in your room, then take it with you to class, to coffee houses, study groups and more. This will be the tool you use to write papers, do your homework, manage your social life, and find a job. Today’s notebook laptop models are lighter than ever, and can do more than desktops of old.


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