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Top 10 Soup and Salad Meals

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 28, 2012
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A list of the top ten soup and salad mealsContributed by Missy Nolan, Top 10 Guru

Burgers and fries, burritos with chips and salsa, soups and salad …

… some foods just go together. Ask your friends and family members what they had for lunch today, and at least one of them will probably respond with, “Soup and salad, as usual”. Soup and salad is light enough for lunch yet hearty enough for dinner. You’ll find this popular duo on menus and dining room tables around the world.

Craving soup and salad, but not sure which combination of the two to serve or order? Try a few of the super tasty top ten soup and salad meals below.

10. Tomato soup and garden salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

On a cold and rainy day, all you need is a hot bowl of creamy tomato soup, a classic garden salad with ranch dressing and cheese croutons, and a glass of milk. Perfection.

Make your tomato soup extra tasty with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese, a dollop of sour cream, and a few chopped green onions. Are you hungry yet? Make sure you save room for the next 9 ideas.

9. Chicken tortilla soup and taco salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Who can resist a delicious bowl of chicken tortilla soup with tender chicken, rich broth, and fresh cilantro? Not most of us, that’s for sure. A crispy taco salad with lettuce, beans, shredded cheese, and chunky salsa completes this Mexican meal. Top your soup and salad with sour cream and fresh chunks of avocado to increase the yum factor.

8. Baked potato soup and cobb salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Baked potatoes are good. Baked potato soup is even better. If you’re making your own from scratch – and it’s super easy to do – simply combine cooked potatoes (you can even cheat and microwave them if you’re in a hurry), milk and/or broth, some finely chopped onions and garlic, and crispy chunks of smoked bacon in a pot. Season as needed with your favorite spices and seasonings and serve with shredded cheese, bacon bits, and chopped green onions. Finish the meal with a Cobb salad so that you have an excuse to devour even more bacon.

7. Minestrone soup with garden salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

When autumn rolls around, many folks find themselves dreaming about a hearty bowl of minestrone soup. This hearty soup is packed with a little bit of everything, from Northern beans to zucchini. Meat lovers will be happy to know that it typically includes ham or bacon. Watching your figure or your cholesterol levels? Substitute turkey for the high-fat pork products. This soup is pretty filling on its own, so stick with a basic garden salad with low-calorie dressing.

6. Chicken noodle soup and Italian salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Sniffles and sneezes? Bad day at work? Chilly outside? Have a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup is the ultimate comfort food, and some folks swear it has therapeutic properties. A crisp Italian salad with homemade garlic croutons is a nice accompaniment.

5. Broccoli cheddar soup with Caesar salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Broccoli cheddar soup is almost as popular as chicken noodle and tomato, two of the other classics. Even vegetable haters find it difficult to resist a warm bowl of melted cheddar cheese and finely chopped broccoli bathed in milk or heavy cream. This soup can be a bit heavy, so pair it with a light, simple Caesar salad.

4. French onion soup with winter salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Many of us have spent an ice cold winter night curled up in front of the fireplace, slurping down a bowl of french onion soup. Most versions of this soup use a beef broth, but it tastes just as good with a vegetarian one. If you have any room left after finishing your soup, feast on a bowl of winter salad. Ingredients vary, but many people like to use greens, apples, goat or feta cheese, and a vinaigrette dressing.

3. Black bean soup and Mexican salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

There are so many different ways to make black bean soup. Some folks add a tomato broth, while others prefer water or a clear vegetable broth. Not sure which one is best? Experiment with different ideas from popular recipe books.

Most black bean soups go well with a Mexican salad. Top shredded lettuce with corn, diced tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, and onions. Spoon a generous helping of fire-roasted salsa on top and enjoy.

2. Lobster bisque with mini shrimp salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Some of us enjoy the finer things in life. If you’re one of those people, you’re probably already a fan of fresh, creamy lobster bisque. If you’re making your own, make sure to use heavy cream, not milk, for an extra rich soup. A mini shrimp salad with cocktail sauce completes your laid-back seafood feast. Having trouble finding mini shrimp? Try shredded crabmeat instead.

1. Gazpacho and fruit salad

A list of the top ten soup and salad meals

Soup isn’t just for winter. Enjoy a cool, refreshing bowl of gazpacho any day of the year. Pair it with a heaping bowl of fresh fruit salad, such as one made of apple slices, Florida oranges and grapes, and you’re in business. Finish with a yogurt-based dressing or a bit of melted Nutella and a handful of crushed pecans. Yum!


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