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Top 10 Spring Fashion Trends for Women

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 1, 2011
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Contributed by Elyse Perez, Top 10 Guru

This time of year, fashionistas have their eyes on Spring and the refreshing new looks the season brings. It’s time to shed your winter coats and lose the boots with designs on trendy spring fashions.

Spring into the upcoming season with these Top 10 fashion trends. From coral to floral, dots to stripes, check out each of these fab looks and make them your own!

10. Coral

It’s the color of the season. Not quite orange, not quite red, but right in the middle. This color is everywhere, from tops to bottoms, shoes to handbags… nothing can escape this exotic hue! If you find yourself a wee bit skeptical of the color, try using it with an accessory in your wardrobe such as a handbag or sandals.

9. Florals

You mean flowers are a trend this Spring? No surprise here! Somehow florals always seem to make it on the Spring runway. But…what better way to represent Spring than with flowers? Try modernizing the trend by wearing floral prints that match the color of the season.

8. Stripes

North, South, East and West. Stripes are being worn in every direction this season. There’s horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, large stripes, small stripes, large and small stripes. Stripes cannot be tamed this season. Need direction? Wear some stripes. Also, try pairing them with Trend #7 Dots.

7. Dots

Yes polka-dots. Large and small. Top to bottom. Not sure what size dot to wear? For more petite silhouettes, wearing larger dots will help add shape and bring attention to your already slim figure. Smaller dots are better for curvier women, and will translate into a print rather than a target.

6. The Wide-Leg

It’s the new skinny. Just remember, wide doesn’t mean shapeless and baggy. A wide-leg pant should look clean and streamlined. What’s great about this pant is it can be worn for any occasion; as a denim out to lunch, as a white linen on vacation, as a black dress pant to a wedding. The possibilities are anything but slim.

5. Functional Handbags

Need some structure in your life? Start with your handbag. Adding one a functional, yet trendy, handbags to an ensemble is a great way to add organization into your lifestyle.

4. Bold Jewelry

Feel free to over-do it this season with casual jewelry…it’s in! Extra-large beading, oversized pendants, and long bold chains are fitting right in to the Spring season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either.

3. Lace-it-up

This dainty trim detail is anything but innocent this season. On the catwalk, lace usage is far from composed; rather it’s used to expose. So ladies, lace-it-up this Summer and get your flirt on!

2. White

White here, white there, white everywhere. Bags, tops, shoes, props. A blank canvas is a great way to keep it looking fresh this season. Afraid your whites don’t match dead-on? Not to worry. Your whites don’t have to match exactly, just try to keep it tone on tone.

1. Boho

This is your chance to embrace prints. From vibrant paisleys to abstract floral prints, boho eek! has turned into boho chic. This number one look is great when worn on its own or paired with numbers 6, 4 and 2 (The Wide-leg, bold jewelry, and white). It’s time to go coco for boho!


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  1. c1841 on October 30th, 2011 4:56 am

    Gd article, I bet you get a lot of compliments