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Top 10 Tips for Cleaning the Car

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 1, 2011
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Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

Cleaning the car isn’t really as simple as grabbing a bucket of soapy water and turning on the hose. To do the job right, you need the right products, the right techniques and a little know how.

It’s easy enough to take your car to the car wash for a run through the automatic wash and a quick hand dry, but the results you’ll get with these ten tips for cleaning the car will make your time and effort well worth it:

10. Mequirers Quick Wax

After that long Saturday detailing your car an easy way to keep it shining will be to wash it and spray on some Quick Wax. Applied over a good wax job all you do is spray on and wipe off. A quick high shine that can be done in minutes. Cleans minor dirt and grime as well.

TIP: Also great after you run your car through an auto car wash.

9. Blue Coral Paste Wax

The name itself means brings a shine to most cars. When you apply Blue Coral by hand and wipe off the dried wax you will leave a hard finish the shines and protects. Look for any high quality car wax for great results. Especially nice on black and dark colors. Be prepared to work hard but it is worth even sore elbow and shoulder.

8. Rain X

After the glass is clean wipe on the Rain X. It will haze. With a clean towel spray Windex and glass the glass. Rain water will bead and and wipers will work even better. Ice and snow will slide off the glass as well.

TIP: Great for all windows and mirrors – not just the windshield.

7. Armor All Dressing

Great for tires, dash and doors and all vinyl and plastic. Spray on or wipe on after all cleaning is finished. Wait until all surfaces are dry. Careful not to spray the Armor All Dressing on glass or paint as it will haze and require some detail cleaning.

6. Murphys Oil Soap

Mix and dilute in warm water. Great for carpets, mats and interior cleaning. Use with a scrub brush or upholstery brush or just wet a sponge. Great smelling and leaves no haze.

5. Windex Glass Cleaner

The old favorite will leave clean glass every time. Can also be used for wiping off interior vinyl.

TIP: Use newspaper to a guarantee streak-free final wipe.

4. Turtle Wax Chrome Polish

Small pits and minor rust can be easier removed from chrome with this product. A soft towel and elbow grease will have that old chrome standing tall. Wax after you wipe off the haze. Not to be used on cast and aluminum wheels as it may mar the finish.

3. Rain X Bug and Tar Remover

Those nasty bugs and road tar need to be removed properly. This product is safe to use on paint and chrome and will of course need to have wax applied afterward.

TIP: Do small sections and change your cleaning towel often.

2. Dove for Dishes

Mix in a wash bucket of warm/hot water. Use a wash mit or terry cloth towel. The soap cuts grease and grime and cleans well. A good rinse leaves a streak free finish. Stay out of the sun though. A hot finish will cause the soap to dry and leave a film that has to be polished off. Great for aluminum clear coated wheels and brake dust too.

1. Comet Cleanser

Great for white walls and tire scrubbing. Wet a stiff brush and the tire. Scrub the entire tire and rinse well. Brings out the white /white in the wall. An expensive alternative is Bleach White, but why spend the money?

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