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Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Ride

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 25, 2011
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Top 10 ways to customize your ride Contributed by Korina Rossi, Top 10 Guru

Few moments in life are more embarrassing than realizing that the car you’re trying to unlock in the mall parking lot is not yours.

Owning the exact same car as millions of other Americans can feel suspiciously like succumbing to conformity. But how do you distinguish your car from the pack when all the cars on the road seem eerily like kissing cousins?

Fortunately, you’re not alone. The market for gewgaws to gussy up your car abounds with options. Whether you take a minimalist approach or want to overhaul your car, manufacturers have responded to the call by designing a wide selection of ready-to-wear additions.

Check out the top ten ways to customize your ride:

10. Paint

Chevrolets of the 40s

Transforming your ride into an original can be as easy as a new coat of paint – but don’t forget all the “little” details that also need paint. The right kind of auto paint. There is paint for the carburetor, paint for the steering column, and paint for anything that needs silver finish. Choose the right product for your project and your car will shine.

9. Tires

Tires are one of the tip ten ways to customize your ride

If your car is a mild mannered sedan with the soul of an off-roader, upgrading your tires is the best way to show off your car’s new image and take it off the beaten path.

8. Sound system

Sound system is one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Toss out the factory stereo system, and you can make your ride a symphonic masterpiece. Choose high-grade speakers for the serious aficionado or add a satellite radio that will bring world news, television channels, and legions of new music stations into your car.

7. Performance engine

A performance engine is one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Roar out of the office parking lot at quitting time ahead of your co-workers with a new air intake kit and exhaust system.

6. Rims

Custom rims are one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Custom rims have become popular for racing cars, but even suburban cars are becoming stoplight eye candy by sporting rims.

5. Window tints

Tinted windows are one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Window tints cut down on glare from the sun while adding a sleek look to your car. Armed with a little patience, even a novice can install tinting film on her own car windows.

4. Stickers and flags

Stickers and flags are one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Consider your windshield a canvass for self-expression. Bumper stickers with cutesy messages have become passé, but hobbies and favorite sports teams usually have attractive and removable stickers that adhere to glass.

3. Fragrance

Fragrant air freshner is one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Freshen up the cabin of your car with your favorite air freshener scent, one of the easiest ways to customize your car.

2. Interior

Upgrading or refreshing the interior is one of the top ten ways to customize your ride

Make an unforgettable impression, while protecting your car seats from spots and UV rays, by adding some car seat covers.

1. Ride a bike

Change to a bike as a way to ride a custom vehicle

When all else fails, give the humble bike a chance. Not only will you probably be the only one in the office leaving on two wheels, but you’ll reap health benefits instead of road rage.

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