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Top 10 Ways to Reward Employees

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 9, 2011
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One of the top ten ways to rewards employeesContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

There are many ways to reward employees outside monetary compensation.

Giving more than just a pat on the back, you can recognize your high achievers and hard working staff with items that boost morale and let employees know how appreciated they are.

From the usual awards to the slightly wacky recognitions, here are some creative ways to say “thanks for all you do!”

10. Tokens

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

When an employee is spotted going above and beyond the call of duty, slip a keepsake token, paperweight or certificate onto their workspace area. Tokens of appreciation are given for the small things that make a big difference in the day-to-day activity around the business. How many “service super heroes” and extraordinary employees can your company brag on?

9. Candy

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

Food … especially sweets is always a great way to tug at the heartstrings of employee loyalty. The kid inside every adult can’t resist a tin of gummy bears or peach rings. Guaranteed to make an employee’s day.

8. Tote

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

Got an employee that is always on the go for the job? Give them a re-useable tote bag to carry around all their stuff. You can also personalize it with their name and company logo to announce their arrival when they hit their destination.

7. Sweatshirt

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

If there is a company event coming up, recognize your staff with fleece! Imprinted outerwear like sweatshirts and jackets is a great way to appreciate a special group of employees. Sets them apart from the rest of the company and gives them the feeling of being part of an elite team, if you will. A great move on management’s part.

6. Medals

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

At #6, interactive medals step up the pace when it comes to giving awards. Put some fun into company events and get-togethers, by placing a medal on a ribbon around the neck of your co-workers. Not your ordinary medal, these medals can proclaim “best employee” or “team player.” Even if you wanted to avoid the winning employee because he stole your pen the other day, you can’t help but gawk at the flash!

5. Executive toys

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

For the executive that has everything and then some, why not say thanks to supervisors with toys for their desks. As if computers don’t have enough plugged into their USB ports, this Plasma ball is just one more thing to distract the boss. Just when you think your boss is busy replying to emails – think again.

4. Interactive sculptures

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

Much like the plasma ball, interactive sculptures sit on the employee’s desktop and reward them for their determination, hard work, etc, etc, etc. This award choice just happens to be two gifts in one: a moving sculpture with a removable stress ball. If watching a ball go up and down a hill isn’t enough, a tense employee can remove the stress ball to squeeze away frustration.

3. Tickets

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

What employee wouldn’t enjoy a day at the spa or admission for two to a concert? Give tickets to a co-worker for some down time where they can enjoy a relaxing evening after work. Businesses usually get extra tickets for local functions and events so why not share the love with devoted employees.

2. Crystal awards

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

Great Job! The acrylic or special crystal award comes in at a close 2nd for the best way to reward employees. Nothing makes a worker more proud than an engraved award with a great philosophical inscription to motivate day after day. These are definite showpieces and deserve a place in the curio cabinet at home or the office.

1. Day off with pay

One of the top ten ways to rewards employees

OK… when you have awarded certain employees to death with plaques, tokens, and company wear, give them a much-deserved day off with pay. No strings attached! Have them leave their cell phone at home, slip their beach thongs on to just bum around and rejuvenate. At #1, a day off is the ultimate way to say, “we couldn’t manage without you.”

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