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Top 10 Ways to Treat Yourself

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 24, 2012
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A list of the top ten ways to treat yourselfContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

For many of us, it’s not possible to live within our means and save for a rainy day without cutting down expenses.

Unfortunately, the first things to go are the extras we buy for ourselves not because we need them, but because they make us feel good, boost the mood or simply add something special to an ordinary day.

Depriving yourself of the little things you look forward to can make you feel down and lethargic, and that’s no fun.

Living responsibly is about finding balance by turning a daily indulgence into an occasional treat. You work hard so go ahead and treat yourself. Here’s the top ten ways to do it.

10. Let the world entertain you

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

With so many movies released every week you have to be picky about what you see. Don’t go to the movies just because you’re bored, wait until you get those jitters of anticipation in your belly, and then treat yourself to a few hours in The Hunger Games or with The Hobbit! Movies, concerts and other types of live performances are just what the imagination thrives on.

9. Eat out

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

We all have those days when we just don’t want to cook. About 90 percent of the time the responsible thing to do is drag our butts in to the kitchen and do it anyway, but some days you deserve to have a nice meal made for you. Sign up for group discount sites like Groupon and Living Social to save up to 50% on restaurants in your neighborhood.

8. Look beautiful

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

Your calendar is booked, you just ran out of foundation and yes your roots are showing. You could sport a pony tail and just get the next few days over with o’naturale, but how much fun do you have when you’re self conscious about your appearance? What if you meet a potential client, boss or lover? A few essential beauty products help you feel fantastic and they typically last a few months so they’re not a frequent expense.

7. Take a luxurious bath

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

Taking a bath is good for you in so many ways. It forces your mind and body to stop and unwind, relaxes the muscles and rejuvenates the spirit. Treat yourself to a bath once a week, and use this time to clear your head. Allow your mind to wander to wherever the scents to you. Treat yourself to classic bath and body collections with vitamins and essential oils made to pamper.

6. Indulge

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

When someone offers you a treat do they present you with a plate of broccoli? If the answer is yes then that person is not your friend. In fact, in many homes the word ‘treat’ is interchangeable with ‘sweet’. So when you feel the urge to sweet yourself, head directly to your favorite fancy café or the chocolate bar drawer, and go for the good stuff.

5. Comfort food

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

Nothing soothes the soul like comfort food. Take a stroll through an outdoor market. Buy your favorite fixings, and then cook that one dish you swear you could eat every day. There are no rules here so if it’s breakfast or bottomless enchiladas with guacamole for dinner then bring it on. No one’s judging.

4. New intimates

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

Is there anyone who enjoys putting on holey socks or undergarments that barely stay up? This is a good place to draw the line between frugal and deprivation. Out with the worn, shapeless unmentionables and in with lingerie, pretty bras and panties that offer the full package: support, comfort and a ‘Wow, I feel sexy’ response. Pay close attention to the care instructions to ensure they last!

3. Buy the best sheets you can afford

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

Sleep is not a treat, it’s a daily need. Tell that to your brain when it won’t turn off and you’re lying there just counting the minutes until the alarm buzzes. Quality sheets will rock your restless world into a restful slumber. Look for 100% cotton, a high thread count of at least 200 (beware of double-ply) and sheets that feel soft to the touch.

2. Socialize

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

Social support is good for your health. What fills a day with more laughter than a few hours with a friend? The best time to do this is when you’re so busy there’s barely time to brush your teeth before collapsing into bed. Make time for friends. In an ideal world socializing is a natural part of every week, but this is not always the case. If you’re not currently spending time with friends regularly, trick yourself into doing so by labeling it a treat.

1. Work out

A list of the top ten ways to treat yourself

So it might not fill you with delight to go to the gym. Okay, it feels more like a chore, but don’t be deceived. Almost as soon as you step out of the shower afterward, you’ll start feeling the effects of gym glow complete with endorphins, mental focus and clearer breathing. If you don’t belong to a gym, treat yourself to some quality running shoes and hit up the tennis court or nearest running trail.

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