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Top Ten Cool Cutting Edge RV Accessories

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 17, 2011
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One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessoriesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Recreational vehicles are a blast simply as they are: homes on wheels that allow for scenic travel at a moments notice.

Now, outfit them with some of the coolest RV gadgets on the market, and we’re on the road to greatness.

Here are the top ten cutting edge RV accessories:

10. Gas powered blender

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

What a quandary. On the one hand, it sure would be nice to have a freshly blended margarita while lounging at the RV park. However, without access to an electrical outlet, and trying to avoid sapping battery power from the RV, what is a self-respecting RV’er to do? The lightweight, gas powered blender comes to the rescue.

9. Fancy gazebo


A good RV trip should entail plenty of leisure time; experienced RV’ers the world over know this. While the cushy king-sized serta in the RV is great for a good night’s sleep, it’s not necessarily conducive to lolling in the shade on a nice warm day. There is only one answer that will suffice; set up your hammock, your lounge chairs, even a blow-up mattress under a deluxe portable gazebo and the rest of the day is now quality time.

8. Remote control helicopter

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

Buzzing your RV neighbors with an outdoor-friendly remote control plane or helicopter while they lounge in their own version of Top Ten list item #9 is a fun and productive way to pass some time. This might not be ATTACHED to your RV, but its an accessory that definitely has the cool factor. With some practice, controlling the whirly-bird from the relative safety of a tree or other concealed position will add a whole new level of frivolity.

7. Battery-less flashlight

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

Ensuring batteries are properly charged is a chore few RV’ers want to concern themselves with, even though there are few things more frustrating than needing a flashlight, only to find out the batteries are dead. Enter the Shake Flashlight. A vigorous shake of this contraption for about 30 seconds will give you 5 minutes of use, without the use of batteries; ever! That late night walk to the RV camp restroom (why use your own, when someone else’s is near at hand?) will never require stumbling over rocks and shrubbery again.

6. Headlight conversion kit

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

Really want to annoy the drivers in front of you while cruising the night in your spacious RV? The headlight conversion kit will increase the intensity of an RV’s headlights by 3x, and can be installed safely and easily by most anyone. Now you can bear down on those drivers who deserve it with the power of a thousand suns.

5. Heat and massage seats

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

Driving an RV for an extended period of time can be an awfully demanding experience. After hours on the road, you’ve certainly earned a little pampering. But your significant other has made it clear the chances of that happening or slim to none, and slim just left town. The answer to this potentially uncomfortable situation are RV seats with built-in heat (adjustable, of course) and massage functions. One quick push of a button gets the magic fingers working.

4. Combos

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

Maximizing interior space is on every RV’ers wish list. The more movable walls and collapsible items the better. Along those lines, RV’ers can now furnish their moving homes with some amazing combination appliances, like washer dryers that double as flat screen TVs. Or, microwave/convection ovens that do away with the need for a conventional stove. If it slices, dices and minces all in one, neat little package you’ve got a potential RV winner.

3. Touchscreen GPS

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

Many RV’s today have navigation devices like GPS to help them on down the road. Now, in keeping with mini-computers and other electronic devices that don’t require passé tools like a mouse to manipulate, comes the touchscreen GPS for RVs. Some of these take about 5 minutes to install and will make the co-pilots job a walk in the park.

2. Mini-satellite dishes

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

We’ve all seen them, the RV’s with what look like NASA lunar space equipment attached to the top. No need to forego staying cool while making certain you can still watch the game live, with mini-satellite dishes that mount inside the RV. Some of these are so powerful now they pick up signals while driving. If you thought listening to the radio a bit too loud is distracting, wait until you come across the driver of an RV humming down the road at 65 mph screaming “That was a foul! That was a foul!”

1. Bedroom conversions

One of the top ten cool cutting edge RV accessories

As with Top Ten item #4, getting the most from the space an RV provides is paramount to comfortable leisure travel. Top of the line RV doors, windows and storage components all take your RV experience up a notch or three. That’s why the number one cutting-edge RV gadget is a virtual smorgasbord of goodies all rolled into one. Imagine, moving a pillow or two, pushing a couple of buttons and transforming the master bedroom into a fully functional, Internet, audio and video-ready office with all the (dis)comforts of the office. Who knew RVing could be so James Bond-like.


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