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Best of … unusual things to buy

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 17, 2011
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One of the best of unusual things you can buyContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Could be a gift for a friend or family member, or maybe you’re just in the mood for something a bit…different.

No need to spend your valuable time scouring the aisles of out-of-the-way novelty stores, or diligently searching the internet until your carpal tunnel kicks into overdrive, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Here are a few of the best unusual things you can buy:

Stained Glass

One of a kind art glass

One of the best of unusual things you can buy

There is certainly a place for perfectly symmetrical designs, be it jewelry, vases or dishware. Thankfully, there is also a place for the unusual look and feel you can only get with blown glass. Sometimes the best inspiration for what to buy is to look at what other people are collecting and what they have created. Like at the gallery on Delphi. Study and then go find something hand blown, unique and unusual. And, if you’d rather learn the Zen-like way of the glass artisan, there is plenty of help to be found here too.


Go back in time

One of the best of unusual things you can buy

In keeping with the artisan theme, who doesn’t love the classic design of a beautiful grandfather clock? These add a charm and sophistication to a home’s entry hall like nothing else can. What makes this purchase from KlockIt unusual is this Columbia Grandfather clock, a part of The Cooper Collection, can be customized to individual tastes; and here’s the best part, it’s a kit that requires the patience and meticulous hands of a builder. The model airplane or shipbuilding aficionado will love this.


Keeping in theme

One of the best of unusual things you can buy

Homeowners fortunate enough to have billiard rooms may not have realized the absolute necessity of owning this unusual item; until now. It’s not hard to envision PoolDawgs’ game room accessories displayed next to a myriad of neon signs, pool cues and a requisite jukebox machine.

Pet Stores

Zen color for your dog

One of the best of unusual things you can buy

Many pet stores provide naturopathic-like options to help calm and modify the behavior of your best friend. The Nature Calm 24/7 dog collar exudes a pheromone similar to Mom’s when they were pups, infusing a natural, calming effect. While the concept isn’t unusual in and of itself, it’s been used room by room for some time; the use of pheromones on a collar is pure doggy genius.

Rock-It Creations

Talking rocks

One of the best of unusual things you can buy

How cool would it be, when you’re slaving away in your yard or garden this spring and summer, to have strategically placed, personally engraved stones to keep you motivated? Rock-It Creations does just that, for any number of occasions. Even if these customized stones don’t motivate you, maybe they’ll help get those darn plants growing!

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