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Best of…vintage shops in Austin

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

January 26, 2012
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best of vintage shops in AustinContributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru
Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the U.S.” … a reputation they certainly earn every day. But you may not know that Austin is also in the running for the “Vintage Capital of the U.S.”, at least in my book.

Vintage collectibles, vintage furniture, and even entire stores offering vintage guitars are standard fare here in Austin. And it seems that there is a vintage clothing store on almost every block here. If you’re new to the city, or just visiting (maybe for SXSW or Austin City Limits …), here are a few vintage shops you won’t want to miss.

New Bohemia

Get ready to dig!

Best of vintage Austin New Bohemia

It looks like a thrift store. But don’t let appearances fool you. This is hard core vintage at its best, complete with the mandatory digging through the racks to find the perfect treasures. Located at 1606 South Congress Avenue in the South Austin or “So-Co” area of the city, this is the place where you’ll start out looking for one thing and leave with an armful, wishing you could have bought more.

A word of caution … it appears that their website has been hacked, so unless you want to read random content in Swedish (I kid you not!), skip the web and head right for the store.

Feathers Boutique

Vintage clothes meets vintage boots

Best of Austin Vintage Feathers Boutique

Another South Congress vintage landmark, Feather’s Boutique at 1700 S Congress Avenue takes a more selective view of vintage. Fortunately, what they love, I do too, so it’s usually harder to decide what to leave behind than what to buy.

My fave? The boots! If you want new (vintage) cowgirl boots (and who doesn’t in Austin?) check out their selection first.

Cream Vintage

Vintage that fits!

Best of Austin Vintage Cream Vintage

A few blocks from the So-Co vintage shops (at 2532 Guadalupe Street), you’ll find Cream, a vintage store with a unique twist. They offer alterations on the great vintage items you find there! No more passing up that great dress because it’s too big, or the perfect jacket because it pinches in the shoulders. If it can be altered to fit, these are the magicians who can do it.

Charm School Vintage

Vintage meets glam

Nearby 2109 Cesear Chavez is home to the next Austin vintage clothing shop on the list. This shop adds glam to vintage, with unexpected pairings and just the right dose of bling. No dowdy T’s or 70′s fashion failures…just the best of the past for women who want to create a look that could never come from a mall store’s racks.


Who knew Grandmom was a fashionista?

It’s a short hop to the next vintage shop on the list. Flashback is at 1805 S 1st St, and still in South Austin.

Imagine you just walked into your grandmom’s attic, and discovered that not only did she have great taste in everything from shoes to collectibles, but she had kept ALL of it. That’s the feeling you get when you go into this shop. Be prepared for vintage overload! Fortunately, the prices are pretty good, so odds are you’ll walk out with at least a few treasures each time you visit.

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