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Ways to Decorate an Outdoor Living Room

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 24, 2016
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outdoor spaceby Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

If you love your outdoor space and want to spend more time enjoying it a beautifully decorated outdoor living room might be just the thing you’re looking for.

From small spaces to vast expanses, we have the decorating tips you need to create the perfect outdoor space. Here are the top ten ways to create the living room of your dreams – outside.

10. Flooring


Whether you have a wooden deck or a concrete patio, make sure it’s clean and in good condition. Now is the time to sand, stain and seal weathered, splintery wood. After all, you don’t want you or your guests getting a sliver. It’s a similar situation for concrete. Clean it up with a power wash it or give it a good scrubbing. If you don’t like the way it looks, there are plenty of stains and paints to make your patio look amazing. No deck or patio? No problem. Make an instant patio with snap-together tiles.

9. Rugs


Outdoor rugs are designed to get wet or be in the direct sun, with little wear and tear. Many styles are available so look for a rug that works with your overall design theme. Add a bit of fun and whimsy or go for a modern, monochromatic look. Keep the size of the rug in mind, so it’s stylish without being overwhelming.

8. Accent curtains

Accent curtains

Create a special backdrop or divide larger areas with curtains made for the outdoors. These curtains hang on rods just like interior curtains. If there is an expanse of wall or fence that you’d like to cover, attach the rod to it, then hang the curtain. You can even avoid drilling into the side of your house by using a portable wardrobe as the curtain rod. Simply take the wardrobe cover off and hang the curtains on the rod where the hangers would normally go. Instant backdrop and conversation piece!

7. Tables

Dining sets

Think beyond the typical coffee table. Go for form and function with outdoor tables that pull double duty. Look for pieces that offer storage or can also be used as an ottoman. If wood is the material you want to use, consider wicker or teak, as they hold up to the elements. Other options include stone, resin and iron.

6. Little Comforts


There is no reason to be anything less than completely comfortable when you are enjoying your outdoor living room. Although you must select furniture that stands up to an outdoors environment – humidity and temperature – which means your choices in upholstery are limited, there are accessories that will make every seat outside the house fit you perfectly. Look for footstands to make your outdoor rocker better suited to shorter people, and footstools for chairs and sofas.

5. Sofas and chairs

Sofas and chairs

Nothing says comfort like soft sofas or chairs. Curl up with a good book or chat with friends while enjoying the time outside. Just like with tables, construction is important. Look for materials that handle the weather well and dry quickly when it rains. Don’t forget the accent pillows. Today’s technology allows them to be rugged enough for outdoor use while being just as soft as ones inside your house.

4. Dining sets


Gather with family and friends as you enjoy a special meal outside. Dining sets help bring people together, while looking charming and stylish. If you want your outdoor living room to look more like a traditional interior space, use the chairs as additional seating and move the table to the perimeter of the space.

3. Plants and planters

Plants and planters

Sure, you’re outside and there are plenty of plants to enjoy in the yard. To make it more enjoyable, fill some movable pots with citronella and lemon thyme to have natural bug repellents nearby. Decorate tables with seasonal flowers in pots, to provide a burst of color as your centerpiece.

2. Lighting


Fairy lights strung through the trees, strings of festive lanterns, an opulent chandelier, or simple table lamps complete an outdoor design. Make your area as bright or as intimate as you desire with the perfect lighting. As outdoor living rooms become more popular, it’s easier than ever to find the right light for your mood. Candles are another option, just be sure to keep them away from flammable objects or choose LED candles.

1. Bars


What outdoor living room would be complete without a bar? Put it behind the sofa for double duty as sofa table, too. Make sure there is plenty of storage, something that can hold your glasses, an ice bucket or an ice chest. That way nobody has to leave the party for a cold glass of lemonade.

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