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Where to find affordable camping gear

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 4, 2018
Filed Under Outdoors 


where to find affordable camping gearCamping is great way for us to commune with both nature and other people.

From the rough and tumble lean-tos of hard core paleo campers to the luxurious recreational vehicles utilized by “glampers” there are million ways to camp out and enjoy nature alone or with friends! Unfortunately, the costs associated with camping can sometimes be prohibitive.

There are, however, some simple, low-priced solutions for campers. The companies listed here provide supplies that will help ensure that most any outdoor excursion you plan will be both fun and fulfilling.


Moosiner is a company that specializes in reasonably priced gear for those looking for the classic camping experience. They offer everything you need from tents to glowsticks and nutritious food options. This company also has a good stock of odds and ends such as fire starters and nutritional supplements which are a good way to ensure that you are warmed and completely nourished on the go.

Whether you are an experienced camper or a novice Moosiner has everything you need to set off on your next camping adventure!

Camping World

While Moosiner is geared more toward stake and tent campers, Camping World specializes in recreational vehicle or R.V. camping supplies (though they do offer a fine selection of tents, sleeping bags, etc.).

Camping World offers both indoor and outdoor furnishings for recreational vehicles and a wide array of appliances to make your next outing or road trip as comfortable as possible!

Lee’s Adventure Sports

Lee’s Adventure Sports is a company specializing in outdoor sports gear and performance clothing. This is a great place to find reasonably priced, high quality outdoor clothing. They stock items for all ages and genders.

Lee’s also carries things like skates, climbing gear, and paddles for those you looking to add a little extra adventure to your next camping trip. Lee’s is a great place for those campers who also intend to engage in sports on their trip.

Discount Safety Gear

Finally, we have Discount Safety Gear, where you can find an array of safety items essential to any camping expedition. Not only do they offer safety gear for your camping trip, but also safety gear for everything that you could possibly want to do on that camping trip as well! Items such as eye protection, ear protections, wet weather gear and first aid kits (FYI they also carry a wide variety of non-camping related safety equipment as well).

Be sure to consider what safety gear is necessary for the camping adventure you intend to embark on. For example, you need different safety gear for a trip to the mountains than you do for a trip to a desert like region.

We have covered four companies that offer discount products for those looking to strike out on a camping adventure without breaking the bank. Camping is a wonderful activity that allows us to break away from the mundane and chart our own course for adventure, and thanks to these companies that sort of adventure now fits in your price range!

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow


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