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Top 7 Patrick Swayze movie quotes

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Many of Patrick Swayze's greatest moments in film didn't come when he was speaking; no one can deny, however, that he's had some great, memorable lines in film
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You'll always remember these classic Swayze moments.

Precious few actors have had the honor of delivering a line so powerful that it forever enters the lexicon of film. Hasta la vista, Baby. Are you talkin' to me? Say hello to my little friend! Even Homer Simpson's "D'oh!" You know the phrases. Everyone knows them, but only a small handful of the hundreds of thousands of actors out there have ever been lucky enough to be credited with making them famous. 

One of the lucky few to have actually been credited with more than one of these iconic phrases is Patrick Swayze. In fact, two Patrick Swayze movie quotes are among the American Film Institute's (AFI's) "400 Greatest Quotes in Movies" and one of the two, "ditto" from the movie "Ghost," actually made it into AFI's top 100. Ironically, this particular quote also made it into's "Top 10 Worst Movie Quotes."

Many of Patrick Swayze's greatest moments in film didn't come when he was speaking. Many of his greatest were moments like when he was silently holding his dying brother at the end of "Red Dawn," or when he danced with Baby during the closing minutes of "Dirty Dancing." No one can deny, however, that he's had some great, memorable lines in film. Here are just a few Patrick Swayze movie quotes.

7 "It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you."

I chose to add this one because it was one of the two quotes from Swayze that made it into AFI's top 400. It was a strong moment in the film right at the end when Sam (Swayze) was describing to his living fiancé what it was like to be on the other side, just before moving on.

6 "I want you to be nice...until it's time to not be nice."

In "Road House," Swayze plays Dalton, a bouncer who's been brought to a really rough bar to take over security as their 'cooler' - the head bouncer in a bar who directs the other bouncers and steps in for the toughest problems. When he's training the bouncers on how to handle problem customers, he uttered that famous line. And Dalton lived up to it.

Always polite, always patient, Swayze's Dalton was the perfect gentleman on the job, until it was time not to be. The calm exterior that was the front for fierce and dangerous skills; his total lack of fear in the face of deadly danger; his complete lack of arrogance; and an air of confidence when delivering this line or his punches are what made this line so memorable.

5 "Adios, Amigo!"

It's not the line itself, but its use in the film "Point Break" makes it so memorable. Johnny (Keanau Reeves) has been trying to catch Bodhi (Swayze), the leader of a team of bank robbers undercover. After he's discovered when a robbery goes badly and members of the team die, they are trying to escape by using an airplane as a 'getaway car' - then to avoid police at the landing site, they jump from the plane instead.

Bodhi is about to jump out of the plane using the last parachute, leaving Johnny on the plane, chuteless. Before jumping out he says "I know it's hard for you Johnny. I know you want me so bad it's like ass in your mouth, but not this time…Adios, Amigo!" and he jumps from the plane. Johnny has a bit of a temper tantrum, grabs a gun, yells an expletive or two and jumps from the plane chuteless to catch up with Bodhi. A powerful action moment if there ever was one - and the reason that this particular line is so memorable.

Just as when you hear "hasta la vista baby!" you think of Schwarzenegger, once you've seen this movie, every time you hear someone say "adios, amigo!" you'll forevermore think of Patrick Swayze.

4 "Some men need to be hit back."

In "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" Swayze plays one of three gay drag queens who are on their way to L.A. to compete for the national drag queen title. On their way they get stuck in a backwater little town. In one of the most memorable and powerful moments of the film, Vida (Swayze) confronts a wife-abusing man. Vida says: "So Virgil, I gather you like hitting ladies." He responds: "Some ladies need to get hit." Vida comes back with the memorable line, "Then conversely, some men need to be hit back," and proceeds to beat the heck out of the scumbag.

3 "You know pumpkins...sometimes it just takes a fairy."

Even more memorable in "To Wong Foo" is the moment when things are coming together in the little hick town. The women have learned how to be feminine, the men are behaving like gentlemen and the dull, gray town has discovered some color. The three drag queens look down on the town and Swayze says in his perfectly feminine voice: "You know pumpkins…sometimes it just takes a fairy."

2 "Ditto."

Such a simple word. It had been around for decades when Swayze used it as Sam Wheat in the movie "Ghost," but once it left his lips in that film, it was forever his.

One of the most powerful romance films of our time, "Ghost" saw Swayze as a man so completely in love with his fiancé that he actually comes back from the grave to let her know how much in love with her he really is. The first time he says it in the film, while still alive, the line is practically a throw away, but when he repeats it again from the other side, it becomes something much more powerful. At the end when he finally says "I love you" to Molly and she responds with his classic "ditto," it becomes something we'll never forget.

1 "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

I've saved the most famous for last. Who could forget? In the closing minutes of "Dirty Dancing," after Swayze's character, Johnny Castle, had been fired from his dance instructor job for daring to have a relationship with a debutante member of the club where he worked, he came back during the club's end-of-the-season annual event to give his final performance. He walks up to Baby's family, seated around a table and utters those powerful words to her father before taking her up on the stage to show his true passion and respect for her in the form of dance, as her mother holds daddy back and keeps him quiet.

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