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Stomp Live DVD for stomping live action on DVD

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stomp dvd
A stomp DVD will suit any music lover.
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Stomp Live with the Off-Broadway Stomping sensation live on DVD

I am very musically inclined.

I was the leading flautist in my 4th grade class and can play a rendition of ďMary had a Little LambĒ on the piano that would bring you to tears. Unfortunately my musical abilities donít transfer as well electronically. I am still perpetually stuck on the easy level of Guitar Hero but my son is beyond Guitar Heroic and reserves my talents for playing the drums and singing solos. Heís a virtual genius on the simulated strings, but I miss the days when he used to compose moonlit sonatas on pots and pans in the middle of the kitchen floor before he could even talk.

I think about him clanging away every time I watch my Stomp Live DVD that features a live stage performance of the Off-Broadway hit that stomped to success with itís unique combination of percussion, movement, athleticism and visual comedy.

From humble beginnings on the streets of Brighton, Stomp originated in the UK and quickly became an international sensation with long-running shows in London, Las Vegas and New York. The non-traditional dance troupe uses their bodies and ordinary humdrum objects to create an unforgettable physical theatre performance. Using common household utensils, gadgets and doodads as percussive instruments, the Stompers breathe new life into any old every day item - from brooms to cigarette lighters, water bottles to trash, in the hands of the Stompers everything is fair game.

Enjoy Stomp in itís entirety and almost an hour of incredible bonus features that Broadway patrons didnít get to see including an interview with Stomp creators, Stomp tour previews, behind-the-scenes footage, the history of Stomp, and performer bios.

My son could have been a Stomper. If I had only given him more pots.


- 109 minutes
- 53 minutes of bonus features
- Price: $21.95

DID YOU KNOW? A flute player is normally referred to as a flautist. Unless they play poorly, in which case they are referred to as a sourflaut.

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