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What is unique about New York City

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New York City is a playground of culture.
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A taste of life in New York City.

The idea of packing up everything you own and moving to the “Big City” is nothing new. People have been romancing the idea forever. Many people actually get up and go.


Are you one of these people? If so, you need to know about life in New York City, the place many choose as their new hometown.


One of the best ways to get to know what is unique about any city is to read the local newspapers. The New York Times, also known as “the gray lady,” is one of the most famous of all of the New York newspapers. Each day’s issue not only provides award winning national and international news coverage, it also contains a section which focuses on one subject. The “Weekend” section comes out on Friday and has long been the go to paper for things to do in the City. “Science Times” gives the geek in all of us a look at new developments and interesting stories from the world of science.


Some of the other newspapers are The Wall Street Journal, which caters to the business community, and The New York Post which is known for its inventive and punchy headlines.


What makes New York City unique is not all about the newspapers, though. Your experience of New York City has much to do with where you live. New York is a city of neighborhoods. Within the five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island), there are hundreds of neighborhoods, each with their own character.


Some of the better known neighborhoods in Manhattan are the Upper East and West Sides, depending upon which side of the park you are on, Chelsea, the Flatiron District, which refers to the Flatiron Building, a well known landmark, and Harlem, home to the Harlem Renaissance. All of them have distinctive characteristics and frequently their own history as in the neighborhood of Harlem.



Residents venture out of their own neighborhood, of course, but your neighborhood helps keep you grounded. If you do not have laundry service in your apartment building, for example, you would go to a nearby laundry service or Laundromat to clean your clothes. A local bodega or small store would be the place to pick up that bottle of milk you forgot or a loaf of bread. These are the places - small neighborhood ones - that truly make New York City unique. If you want some flowers or a freshly-made sandwich or salad bar, you can find a larger store and even a full-size supermarket, each catering to its only neighborhood or a few smaller neighborhoods. A New York Travel Guide is a good place to learn more about the unique nuances of an area.


The world is attracted to life in New York City because there is always so much to do. The saying is “the City never sleeps,” and that is patently true across the board. There is always someone awake and doing something around the clock in New York City. You can take in a show on the Great White Way, also known as Broadway, or simply hang out in Central Park for the day. Here you can find organized games of every type from soccer to basketball. You may turn a corner and find a roller skating party full of strangers who love to skate or a lone musician entertaining a crowd perched on their blankets enjoying a picnic.


Visitors and residents alike will find a variety of museums throughout the city, many of them with free admission, catering to a multitude of interests and subjects. Some of the most famous museums are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (with its well-known gift store), the Guggenheim and the Museum of Natural History, right next to the park. 


Life in New York City is never dull whether you live there or go in for a visit. Keep your eyes open to the possibilities. You may find the perfect scarf or pair of shoes, dine on cuisines you have never tried before, or just see a different side of life through a museum or simply by people watching in a park.


Just ask the millions who visit or move there each year. Most importantly, enjoy all this unique City has to offer. It truly is a big apple waiting for you to take a bite.

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