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Good birthday party manners for kids

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Kids blowing out birthday candles
Let them have fun together! But encourage your birthday child to spend time with each guest because they each came to the party to celebrate his birthday
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Teach your child how to be a good host, as well as a good guest.

Children's birthday parties are so much fun! Both the birthday child and his or her young guests look forward to attending a party. Good birthday manners for children are important in helping them do well in all social situations and a birthday party is an ideal time for them to learn.

The birthday child host and his guests can each deal with challenging situations that leave some children embarrassed, confused or simply frustrated. Teach them how to deal with these circumstances with confidence - then you can be sure that your child will have a blast and every parent will be making positive comments about how well-mannered your child is!

Manners for the Birthday Party Host

  • Inviting guests Some children tease other children at school with that time-honored taunt, "I'm having a party and you're not coming!" The birthday child needs the confidence to invite who she wants to her party and the politeness not to mention the party to other children who might feel disappointed.

  • Receiving gifts When a child receives a gift he should thank the person who gave it to him by saying "thank you" and perhaps something nice about the gift and how much fun he will have using it. But what about when your seven-year-old super-active boy has received a 700-piece puzzle of Grant's Tomb from his grandmother? Encourage him to thank her for thinking of him and how much it means to him. Teaching children to tell white lies can be very tricky as no one truly wants to encourage children to think that lying is appropriate.

  • Being the party host At a party the birthday child is confronted with many of his favorite playmates in a single space. It can be a little overwhelming for many kids and often they choose to play with one or two and ignore the rest. The birthday child needs to be encouraged to spend time with each guest because they came to the party to celebrate his birthday.

Manners for the Birthday Party Guest

  • Being invited Sadly, some children seem to be more popular than others and this can cause many children a lot of pain. Explain to your child that he should accept a birthday party invitation that he wants to attend because he likes the birthday party child. Accepting an invitation does not mean he is attending because there will be a pony or some other special treat he wants. He should go simply to be with his friend.

  • Giving gifts  When your child is invited to a birthday party it is customary to bring a birthday gift. While as parents you actually buy the gift, it is best if the invited child can be included in the decision-making process. This teaches children that buying a gift for someone's birthday is customary.

  • Being a guest  Children who are invited to a birthday party should know how to be a guest in someone's home; that they say "Please" and "Thank you" when they are offered something to eat or drink, for example. It is important to give other children a chance at games and other activities.
A birthday party is a special day to celebrate your friend's birthday and it is an honor to be invited. Good birthday party manners for children will make a better party for everyone involved.

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