Christmas gift ideas for boys

By Matt Williamson
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Delight your little boy with something different this Christmas
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Skip the electronics…great Christmas gift ideas for boys

Not videos games. Not computer games. In fact, none of these involve the "batteries included" label now on so many gifts. There's not a single automated gift on the list - all of these are active, creative gift ideas with no batteries involved! Instead of yet another high-tech toy, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts that will give him hours of fun and creative thinking.

  • Magic Tricks. Always popular, always a challenge, learning how the trick done is almost as much fun as performing it! If your son enjoys the challenge of video games, he'll probably pick up magic tricks very easily. And once you start, there is always a new trick to learn - the magic tricks can just get trickier as you go along.

  • Camping Gear. Okay, okay summer is officially six months away - but it is coming. And boys love to camp. This is a great time to get them thinking about future camping trips. Even if you get your boys started by camping in the backyard, they'll still need some basic camping gear. In the meantime they can learn how to set up the tent, how to tie knots, prepare campfire style meals and other details about camping. Consider a tent, sleeping bag, rope, a compass and a starter set of camping cookware.

  • Supplies for Tie Dye Projects. This is a fun project to do with your boys. They can tie dye sheets or t-shirts, even ties! Buy or create a kit with the items to be dyed, the colors, directions and rubber bands, then put it all in a metal bucket large enough to hold the water and clothing. Clear a space in the basement or on a porch for this project. The process is messy, but the results are wonderful.

  • Roller skates, ice skates, or roller blades. This is a classic gift, and with indoor rinks in most cities and towns, one they can do year round. Skating of all types involves a variety of different skills, and makes a great family activity.

  • A sled or saucer. If you live where snow is a part of Christmas, a brand new sled is a wonderful thing to find under the Christmas tree. Make sure the snow gear is ready to go, and hot chocolate is simmering when he comes back inside, and you'll have created wonderful memories to go along with the gift.

  • Snorkel, goggles and fins. For boys in warmer regions, replace the sled with a new snorkel and fins. Have plans made for a trial run within a few days of Christmas. The gift, and the chance to use it so soon will be something he'll never forget.

    Think back to your own childhood for more creative Christmas gift ideas for boys. You're sure to come up with some wonderful gifts and a chance to make lasting memories this Christmas.

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