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Creative baby shower ideas

By Robin Becker
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These ideas will help you plan the perfect baby shower.
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Creative ways to show you care

Is someone you know and love pregnant? Throwing her a baby shower is a great way to show your support and encouragement. It will also help the expectant mother gather some of the soon-to-be-needed baby supplies.

When planning a baby shower, you'll want to start with some of the basics, such as setting a date and place. To make it a memorable event, consider choosing a theme. This theme can be carried out on the invitations, food, games, baby gifts and party favors. The following list will help you think of baby shower ideas. You can use one of the themes or mix and match a couple of them. The key is to make it a memorable event for the new mommy-to-be.

Throw a Tea Party Here's a chance to play dress up! Gather teapots, saucers and plates together. Set tables with fancy tablecloths and fresh flowers. Ask guests to come dressed for tea. Consider menu options such as scones, salads and croissants. To add extra fun, go to a thrift store and buy an assortment of elegant hats. Have each guest choose a hat to wear during the party.

Lend a Helping Hand If you want to give guests the chance to pitch in with baby preparations, give them a project to do. Instead of holding a traditional baby shower, have them come over and paint the nursery or set up baby furniture. Be sure to offer them a good meal after the work is done!

Pamper Mommy Take some time to relax and indulge a little. Have guests and the mom-to-be pamper themselves with facials, manicures and pedicures. You can do this at home or go out to a spa. Gifts should focus on the mother's comfort and well-being. Consider presents such as gift certificates to stores and restaurants, fancy body lotions, bath beads and comfy clothes.

Nine Months This is a great way to empathize with the expecting mom. Invite guests to come "nine months pregnant." They can stuff pillows in their clothing and create a "pregnant" look. Have the shower in a comfortable area, where guests can lounge in their bulky clothing. Plan games that center around the big tummies or have a contest to see who has the largest middle.

Freeze It One of the challenges a new mother faces comes at mealtime. To help her avoid chaotic dinner hours, have each guest bring a cooked meal that can be frozen. Place the gifts in the expecting mother's freezer for her to use after the baby is born.

Baby Showers for the Couple This is a fun way to involve the dad-to-be. When planning, remember to invite other men so that the father does not feel too lonely. Don't go all-out on pink invitations; remember, you want to cater to a male audience as well.

You can have the couple register together for baby gifts. Plan games that can include the guys, and keep them in mind for the prizes as well. The couple can take turns opening presents. Be sure to serve plenty of food and leave the pretty edible flowers out of the salad!

Creative settings work well for a coed shower. You could hold a barbecue or go out for a meal at a restaurant. You could even have a potluck and have the other couples bring their children.

Diaper Party This is a good way to stock up on some baby essentials. Use diapers on invitations and decorations. Ask guests to bring a pack of diapers for the new baby. Don't limit the size to newborn; have guests bring any kind of diaper they wish. This way, the baby will have a supply to last for months. And guests will not have to agonize over bring the perfect present!

Online Shower Just about anything can be done via Internet, including baby showers. If the guests live far away, consider giving them the option of coming to a virtual baby shower. You can have them post comments to a web site, participate in games and activities, and send gift certificates or purchase items online.

Send Them Away If the expecting mother seems a bit harried, you may want to give her a break. Have friends and family chip in and make reservations at a nearby resort for the parents-to-be. This gives them a chance to get away and relax. They can appreciate their time together before the baby comes

These days, baby shower ideas can take on just about any form in any place. Try using one of these baby shower ideas or create your own festive event. With a little planning, you can provide the expectant mother with a memorable party.

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