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Dressing baby for a christening

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Baby in christening gown
They should look like angels on this special day
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The details when dressing baby for a christening are what make this special day

Your baby's christening day is such a special event! But there are so many details to arrange, from the church to the food, and of course what your new son or daughter will be wearing.

If this is your first child, you may not be sure what's involved in dressing baby for a christening. Or if you're a grandparent or godparent you might be looking for ideas for baptism gifts. Here are some tips on everything from the gown to the blanket so you can make sure that precious new spirit has everything they need for their big day. 

The Christening Gown

Elaborate white christening gowns are the most common choice for newborn girls and boys alike. Sometimes the gowns have been passed down from generation to generation, so this part is an easy choice. 

But if you don't have a family gown to use, you can still tie it to family by having a gown made from the mom or grandmother's wedding dress. The dress can be made entirely from the gown and veil, or you can just have a piece of lace or satin or even a ribbon from the gown used. 

New baptism gowns can also be purchased to match your taste and the formality of the baptism. Some families are also opting for tiny white suits for baby boys, instead of the traditional dress-style.

Fancy white shoes or booties

Little feet get cold, and cold feet can lead to an unhappy baby.  But this is far to special a day to just use ordinary booties or socks. Buy a pair of soft tiny white shoes (newborns do not need shoes with real soles!)  or pretty socks or booties trimmed with lace or satin. 

And do yourself a favor and buy an extra pair for the big day. Babies, even newborns are incredibly skilled at kicking off shoes and booties -- and you wouldn't want a cold bare foot stickly out from under the gown!

Fancy white bibs

Let's face it: babies spit up. And they'll even do it on that gorgeous christening outfit. So make sure you add at least a few fancy white bibs to your shopping list. That way when the baby is wearing the bib, it will look just as beautiful as the rest of the outfit. And if he or she spits up , you'll have a clean bib handy and ready to put on. 

A christening hat

It might seem silly to including a hat when dressing baby for a christening, but like the socks, it's there to keep your little one cozy and happy. And after the baptism itself, it will keep the baby from getting chilled because of wet hair. 

Oh, and there's one more reason...those little hats are just too cute to resist! Choose a satin or silk cap for a boy baby, and a lace one for a girl. 

A pretty white blanket or baby quilt

Keeping baby securely wrapped in a soft blanket is a wonderful way to head off fussiness before and after the christening ceremony. Like the gowns, some families have white blankets that are handled down from generation to generation just for this ocassion.

If you don't have an heirloom one, considering starting the tradition with your baby. Choose a white blanket edged in satin or silk, or one crocheted or knitted from soft yarn. Another option us to buy or make a white quilt where each christening can be embroidered into a new square as the blanket is passed down from child to child. 

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