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First name meanings

By Jean Sanders
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What are the most popular baby names, what are their origins, and what do they mean?
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Popular baby names

When you come up with the perfect name for your child, wouldn't you like to know what it means? Names, with origins in countries all over the world, are almost always meaningful. Here's a list of the fifty most popular names as compiled by the U.S. Social Security Administration, along with first name meanings and origins.


1. Name: Emily. Meaning: Industrious. Origin: German.

2. Name: Emma. Meaning: Universal, whole. Origin: German.

3. Name: Madison. Meaning: Son of Maud. Origin: English.

4. Name: Abigail. Meaning: Bringer of joy. Origin: Irish

5. Name: Olivia. Meaning: Olive tree. Origin: Greek.

6. Name: Isabella. Meaning: Devoted to God. Origin: Italian.

7. Name: Hannah. Meaning: Grace of God. Origin: Hebrew.

8. Name: Samantha. Meaning: Listens to God. Origin: Hebrew.

9. Name: Ava. Meaning: Bird. Origin: German.

10. Name: Ashley. Meaning: Ash-tree meadow. Origin: English.

11. Name: Sophia. Meaning: Wisdom. Origin: Greek.

12. Name: Elizabeth. Meaning: God is bountiful. Origin: Hebrew

13. Name: Alexis. Meaning: Defender of Mankind. Origin: Greek.

14. Name: Grace. Meaning: Grace. Origin: Latin.

15. Name: Sarah. Meaning: Princess. Origin: Hebrew.

16. Name: Alyssa. Meaning: Logical. Origin: Greek.

17. Name: Mia. Meaning: Mine. Origin: Latin.

18. Name: Natalie. Meaning: Born on Christmas. Origin: French.

19. Name: Chloe. Meaning: Blooming. Origin: Greek.

20. Name: Brianna. Meaning: Strong One. Origin: Celtic.

21. Name: Lauren. Meaning: Laurel tree. Origin: Latin.

22. Name: Ella. Meaning: Beautiful fairy. Origin: English.

23. Name: Anna. Meaning: Gracious. Origin: Catalan.

24. Name: Taylor. Meaning: Tailor. Origin: English.

25. Name: Kayla. Meaning: Pure. Origin: Greek.


1. Name: Jacob. Meaning: Held by the heel. Origin: Hebrew.

2. Name: Michael. Meaning: He who is like God. Origin: Hebrew.

3. Name: Joshua. Meaning: The Lord is Salvation. Origin: Hebrew.

4. Name: Matthew. Meaning: Gift of God. Origin: Hebrew

5. Name: Ethan. Meaning: Strong. Origin: Hebrew.

6. Name: Andrew. Meaning: Manly. Origin: Latin.

7. Name: Daniel. Meaning: God is my judge. Origin: Hebrew.

8. Name: Anthony. Meaning: Priceless. Origin: Latin.

9. Name: Christopher. Meaning: Bearer of Christ. Origin: Greek.

10. Name: Joseph. Meaning: God adds. Origin: Hebrew.

11. Name: William. Meaning: Resolute guardian. Origin: German.

12. Name: Alexander. Meaning: Defender of mankind. Origin: Greek.

13. Name: Ryan. Meaning: King. Origin: Celtic.

14. Name: David. Meaning: Beloved. Origin: Hebrew.

15. Name: Nicholas. Meaning: Victory of the people. Origin: Greek.

16. Name: Tyler. Meaning: Maker of tiles. Origin: English.

17. Name: James. Meaning: Supplanter. Origin: Hebrew.

18. Name: John. Meaning: God gave. Origin: Hebrew.

19. Name: Jonathan. Meaning: Jehovah has given. Origin: Hebrew.

20. Name: Nathan. Meaning: Gift from God. Origin: Hebrew.

21. Name: Samuel. Meaning: Asked of God. Origin: Hebrew.

22. Name: Christian. Meaning: Follower of Christ. Origin: English.

23. Name: Noah. Meaning: That which quavers. Origin: Hebrew.

24. Name: Dylan. Meaning: The sea. Origin: Welsh.

25. Name: Benjamin. Meaning: Son of the right hand. Origin: Hebrew.

So there you are: the first name meanings and origins of the fifty most popular first names in America. Whether you found your own name on the list, or a potential name for a new baby, it's good to know what a name means, and where it came from.

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