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Hip hop dance songs for kids

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Kids of all ages love dancing to high-energy hip hop
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Hip hop dance songs for kids are free of obscenities and full of energy

With bouncy rhythms and expressive rhymes, hip hop dance songs are ideal for children who like to bop, but finding clean - obscenity free - songs can be a challenge.

If your favorite songs sounded different the first time you really listened to them with the ears of a parent, you’re not alone.

Many parents who love hip hop music naturally want to expose their children to the genre. Among these parents are music producers and media companies who recognized this need and created a wide variety of hip hop dance songs for kids.

Parents know how impressionable young children are; they may not understand the lyrics or messages of songs, but they will sing along and imitate the dance moves they see on music videos. Kids want to wear current fashions inspired by hip hop dance clothes. Dance music for kids builds vocabulary, fitness, confidence and coordination so taking the time to find a variety of dance songs is worth the effort.

Take a moment to make sure your kid is busting a move to clean songs that focus on the fun and creativity of hip hop.

Clean edits of popular hip hop dance songs

If there are specific songs or artists that you want to share with your child, large retail outlets carry clean edits of a number of hip hop albums. These edits remove explicit lyrics. Unless you are purchasing a CD specifically produced as a kids albums, the meanings of the songs will be the same. Peruse the song list to see if the message of any songs is negative.

Many of the songs put out by Kidz Beatz are clean edit hip hop songs or songs blended with classic kids songs and nursery rhymes.

Old school

Many hip hop songs prior to 1988 were about partying. They had clean lyrics absent of violence, innuendo or cursing. Remember the first hip hop songs you heard? The songs you loved like Run DMC’s ‘Rock Box’ and Doug-E Fresh ‘La Di Da Di’ ‘…We likes to party’  [Clean Edit]. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince put out lighthearted breezy raps with the kind of poppy hooks kids love.

Broaden your child’s exposure and introduce him or her to some of the earliest funk and cool soul influencers of hip hop. Add some James Brown and Lynn Collins to the playlist – two artists commonly sampled in early hip hop music.

Instrumentals of contemporary hip hop

Many contemporary hip hop dance songs have great beats for kids to dance to, but the messages and lyrics are impossible to edit without removing vocals entirely. Instrumentals of contemporary songs are widely available online. You can download free hip hop instrumentals at sites like or stream them on Pandora, Playlist or music streaming sites.

DVDs of hip hop dance moves for kids

Hip hop dance DVDs for kids introduce kids to clean hip hop dance music and to teach them hip hop dance moves. Rather than imitating dancers they see in dance videos, they’ll learn basic techniques step-by-step and how to put moves together.

Here’s a few fun hip hop songs you can enjoy with your kids, no edits needed:

* The Soundtrack for Happy Feet is super dance-y and has a few fun hip hop songs.
* Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started
* Early Rihanna songs – Music Of The Sun, Pon De Replay
* Jenifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud, Dance With Me
* Will Smith – Getting’ Jiggy Wit It

If your kid requests a particular song heard in a movie, television or at a friend’s house, you can pull up the lyrics at a number of lyric websites. Red flags include offensive language, explicit sexual lyrics, violence, commercialism and references to drug, alcohol, tobacco use. For older kids, Common Sense Media reviews new CDs in all music genres and assesses an appropriate age for listening based child development principles.

Hip hop dance music is more popular than ever. Enjoy sharing this music with your kids and don’t be shy about brushing up on your own moves – these songs are made to get you dancing.

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