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How to develop creativity in children

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Kids with Drawings
Art is one way to get children to be creative
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Knowing how to develop creativity in children will grow inquisitive kids

We never want our children to languish.  That is especially true when we're talking about the summer months, when our kids don't have the built in structure of school.  Children want to be able to use their minds, they do not actually want to rot away, sitting on the couch watching television.

Of course, sometimes it can be a bit hard to tell as you may have to threaten them with a double helping of broccoli at dinner to get them to go outside.

There are a couple of different ways we can help our kids to spur on their imaginations, but knowing just what we can do or how to develop creativity in children can be a tricky thing. 

If the kid begins to understand that you are trying to get them to do something specific, there is a better than average chance that they will fight back, for the principle of the thing.  The best way to really get the creativity in children rolling is to provide them the tools to get them started and then sort of sit back and wait for their reaction.  You can also prod them a little: do not allow them to watch television or play video games all day long.  Tell them that they need to find something else to do besides lay in bed, but the less amount of actual direction is probably better.

Musical Instruments

There are very few adults alive who don't have some some horror story of being made to play the piano or violin by their parents.  That doesn't mean that all of those adults decided that they hated music in general. 

If you want to generate some creativity in your kids, you might consider providing them several different kinds of instruments.  Give them enough of a chance of playing with these instruments and your children might decide they like playing and using a wide range of different musical instruments.

Getting the Right Toys

Of course, not all children are going to be turning to music when they want to let their creativity run wild.  Toys and games are always going to be the best way to get a child's imagination running on high. 

Finding the right kinds of toys that will drive this particular creativity is one task that can seem a bit impossible from one time to another.  Your best bet, especially with younger children is going to be something along the lines of Lincoln Logs, classic Legos or Playmobile toys. Any kind of toy that allows them to build to their little heart's desire is a great starting place for imaginative play. 

There are any number of different building toys that can supercharge creativity.

Books and Movies Come in Handy

While I certainly wouldn't advocate allowing a kid to sit and watch television all day, the fact of the matter is that allowing them to see the creativity of others can get their own creative juices flowing.  Encourage the kids to watch plenty of movies that are good for them and will let them see what a great imagination can create.  Look for kid-oriented specials from the History Channel, National Geographic and other educational sources.

Reading a fair amount will also get them to see what others have produced.  The next step is to try and get them drawing or writing on their own.  Let their stories go wherever they want to take them. The key to getting this to work is that, while you should be willing to help them should they require it, do not dictate the path.  

Imagination and creation works best when it is allowed to run wild.  Trying to make sure that the imagination runs wild will require a little help just to get them started but there shouldn't be any overt control exercised once they have gotten out of the starting gate.

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