Ideas for decorating a baby's room

By Jean Sanders
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Welcome your new baby into the nursery you've always imagined
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Picking a theme

Boy or girl?

The first question in your mind may be a question of gender. Will you do a gender specific theme like fire trucks or fairies? Or, if you are waiting until the baby's born, or if the ultrasound doesn't yield a definitive answer, consider doing a gender neutral theme like Winnie the Pooh or animals in bright colors.

Their own room or sharing with big brother or big sister?

Will your baby be sharing a room with an older sibling? In this situation you may want to choose a color theme to separate the baby's part of the room from the older sister or brother's section. Consider buying some new decorations or bedding for the older child so they get to share in the excitement.

What works for the baby may not work in two or three years

There are other things to consider when reviewing your ideas for decorating a baby's room. Will your child be happy at age three or four with the nursery theme you have picked out for him or her? Do you mind redoing the theme of the room in a couple of years, or are you hoping to keep the same colors and décor throughout their childhood? If you have your heart set on the classic baby nursery, by all means, do it. Don't let the fear of future decorating choices stop you from having the nursery you've always imagined. This is a special time, and one that passes all too quickly.

But if you want to create a room that will keep a toddler or even a preschooler happy, try to pick less babyish themes. Ideas in this genre might include an alphabet theme, zoo animals, or the ocean. Traditionally boyish themes that grow with your child might be super heroes, classic cartoon characters (not flavor of the day variety), a forest, etc. More feminine themes that grow with your baby could be gardens, flowers, tea parties, etc. One of the best ways to decorate a child's room is around a color scheme if you don't want to choose a specific theme.

If you select a specific theme, shop for furniture and bedding that will reinforce your chosen theme. Select a main print that will set the tone for the whole room and choose a background color to use on the painted walls, floors, and ceiling. Use your main fabric print to guide you. Select coordinating fabrics, accessories, and prints that mix well with the main fabric. Carry a small item like a pillowcase or receiving blanket from the set to use to match the colors in the print and for inspiration.

Choosing a focal point

Choose a focal point for the room. While many choose the bed as the main point of interest, you could focus on a display shelf, a painted wall mural, or decorated play area. The focal point should really reinforce your chosen theme. Create a window treatment that enhances the theme and adds to the decor. Decorative hardware on doors, drawers, and cabinets can continue the theme. A good rule to follow for a themed, coordinated room is to repeat each color, fabric, and print, if possible, in at least three places around the room. If you do, everything will really tie together.

Items to consider for a themed room when looking for ideas for decorating a baby's room:

  • Bedding (Remember safety should trump beauty.)
  • Paint Color
  • Borders
  • Wall Paper
  • Murals
  • Furniture (Themed or not, expandable or not)
  • Knick Knacks
  • Art or photos

Some parents choose a neutral color for a base of their room. From here they simply add furniture and small decorations that can be changed and moved around as the child grows. This way they can add or remove themes as the whims of the child (or themselves) change. Today, there are many wall murals, posters, and even wallpapers that are quickly and easily removed without damaging the walls. There are several online sites that offer huge selections of wall decorations—from the whimsical to theme specific.

All ideas for decorating a baby's room should include safety as a primary consideration. Keep electrical cords out of the way, use non-skid pads under decorative area rugs, and don't stack storage units too high. Remember, your baby will be out of the crib and crawling around before you know it! Always be certain that the furniture you select has met or surpassed all government and industry safety requirements for baby/children furniture. This applies to the crib, dresser and changing table.

Decorating your baby's room is personal and it's fun, but remember that the heart of your child's room is not what is physically held within the four walls - it is the relationship of the parents and child. It's no big deal if your baby is born into a room of stark white walls, with boxes crammed in a corner - it won't change how you love him or her, nor will he or she grow up decoratively challenged because of the nursery's decor. As long as the room is safe and filled with love, it will be a beautiful room!

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