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New and creative baby shower ideas

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Boy with family album
Putting together a family scrapbook will be a lifelong keepsake for the parents-to-be and their child
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Incorporate a unique theme into your baby shower.

Thinking back to the last baby shower I attended brings a smile to my face. The room was filled with blue and white colors signaling a baby boy would soon arrive. Families belonging to both sides of the married couple were all mingling together and having fun.

Baby showers have come a long way. People are searching for more new and creative baby shower ideas to make their event different and memorable. While traditional showers are fine, some mommies-to-be and hostesses are looking for more flair and fun.

When planning, always remember that a baby shower is not only for the baby - it is also for the parents-to-be and can provide them with the necessary items needed for the baby's arrival.

Use a Great Theme

Incorporate a great theme into every component of the shower. The set-up for an enjoyable party and shopping for décor items will, without a doubt, be two of the most exciting parts of the planning process. Display the theme on everything from printed napkins to signage or banners at the actual location. If you are really bold, do something nutty and mix up two or three themes for a really out-of-the-box baby shower.  

Where to Find Ideas

One of the best places to start for new and creative baby shower ideas is a simple search of the internet. Do not get stuck on just baby shower ideas. Instead, borrow from bridal events or even graduation party ideas. When you do, you can redevelop themes to fit your shower.

Unique Theme Ideas

Southern Lady Party - A terrific back yard party. It's also a great time to play dress-up. Southern belles  had big dresses, wonderful pastel colored bonnets and girlish umbrellas to match. Do not forget the long or short white gloves. Set tables with colorful lace tablecloths and fresh flowers. The menu can contain such edibles as scones, salads, fruits, flavored iced teas and, of course, an assortment of lemonades.

Scrapbook Party - Have your guests bring photos or any memorabilia they may have of the parents-to-be. Make it a group setting where everyone works together in making a scrapbook from the beginning of the couple's relationship up to the baby shower day. You can play games like, Who has the funniest photo? Who has the oldest photo of the parents? Who has the most recent photo?

Hollywood Flair Party - Rent out a hall or warehouse and transform it into a red carpet movie premiere.  Ask some of the guests to act as paparazzi and fans, complete with flashing cameras. Request that the guests dress up. Make it really crazy by asking some of them to dress up as a famous movie baby, i.e. "Rosemary's Baby", or a more friendly infant such as the one in "Baby Talk". The movie of choice shown during the shower can be a compilation of the couple's life together or, for a hint of romance, the first movie they saw together.

Butterfly Theme Party - A great theme for a baby girl. Have the party at a butterfly park or, if you don't have one in your town, a regular park is also a great location. Some party planning services offer butterflies, birds and gold fish as party décor, so filling the park with butterflies should be easy to do. This can also work in someone's garden, back yard, or the courtyard of a church or synagogue. Request that the guests wear pink in honor of the baby girl.

All Male Party - A great chance to include dad in the festivities and a great theme if the baby is a boy. Make it a day filled with every sport and food the men would enjoy. You can also request the guest wear blue in honor of the baby boy.

Family Reunion Party - Another creative baby shower idea is to have it be more family oriented. Have a small-scale family reunion and decorate with baby pictures from all of the generations. A great shower game then could be 'guess who this baby is.' 

Parental Heritage Party - Another great family party idea is to infuse the heritage or culture of the parents. If one of the parents is of Cuban heritage, find out about Cuban baby shower traditions. Perhaps it is having the baby's 'madrina' (godmother) or the baby's 'abuela' (grandmother) recite some special passage or something similar.

Lifes Sory Party - Throw a life story themed baby shower, where each guest reads a story about their involvement with the parents and, of course, what it will be with the baby. At the end of the event, the hostess can collect all the stories and later have them decoratively bound, then the parents and child will have a lifelong keepsake. The wonderful bottom line is, a baby shower can be what ever you want it to be. Simply open your mind and let your creativity take over.

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