Popular toys for 2006

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Toy Wishes releases list of predicted best sellers.
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This season's lineup of popular toys

Toy Wishes Magazine has released the Toy Wishes Hot Dozen 2006, a list which forecasts the best-selling and most popular toys of the year. Every year, for the past six years, Toy Wishes has accurately predicted the market's hottest toys.

Toys which are featured on the Hot Dozen list are most likely to be sold out during the Christmas and holiday season, but remember, if you miss out buying these popular toys for the holidays, they are always great for birthdays and other special occasions. Here is the Toy Wishes Hot Dozen: The hottest toys of 2006.

Black Belts Karate Home Studio Dora's Talking Kitchen Fly Wheels Assortment Furby I-Dog iZ Leapster L-Max Learning System The Magnetix World Pixel Chix Shell Shocker V Cam Now V Smile Pocket

One of the most anticipated toys of the season, the Roboraptor, is here. After the phenomenal success of last year's Robosapien, the Roboraptor was eagerly awaited. Very impressive looking, the remote controlled beast is a good 32" long, and has chilling blue eyes. Does the Roboraptor live up to expectations? Reviews are pretty good!

For a toy dinosaur, Roboraptor sure looks amazing. With the remote control, you can make Roboraptor go forward, backward, left or right. The fun begins in the "roam mode", where the Roboraptor moves on its own and can sense objects around itself. Whether it is set in the hunting, playful or cautious mode, the Roboraptor responds differently to stimuli. Overall, it is an interesting and unique toy and sure to be one that will join the long list of popular toys.

What does a baby really need in the first few weeks? Here's a handy list of the basic clothes and care items, often called a layette that will make your newborn feel safe and welcome. What does a baby really need in the first weeks at home?

The answer is - not much. This baby needs checklist will help you choose the basic baby items, often called a layette, that a baby needs to have in the first precious weeks of life. how often you want to do laundry 5-10 onesies or rompers 5-7 baby sleepers or nightgowns 1 cold weather sleeper if necessary 5-7 pairs of baby socks 1-2 heavier blankets, depending on climate 10 burp cloths 5-8 bottles, if you're bottle feeding

With so many baby clothing stores on the web today, it's easy to shop for cool baby clothes from your home. And, it's important to note that bargain shoppers can find really great prices—often lower than those in traditional retail stores. And, while you're online shopping for cool baby clothes,check out all the baby shoes available.

If your baby is starting to take a few steps, here's some important information about buying the first pair of shoes? Baby shoes should be soft and flexible so that baby can use his or her feet properly for balance. The sole should be non-slip and offer traction, but steer clear of extra-thick soles that might trip baby up.

High-top baby shoes aren't necessary for ankle support, but if you do choose high-tops, be sure baby can still flex his or her ankles or the shoes may hinder walking. Look for shoes in a natural, breathable material so baby's feet stay cool and comfy.

Many parents prefer to let their children walk without shoes, which is fine. A good amount of barefoot time can be helpful to new walkers, who need to figure out how their feet work before having shoes on all day.

There are times, though, when it's dangerous or unsanitary for baby to go barefoot, so all babies need a pair of walking shoes to protect those sweet little feet from harm. So many online sites that feature cool baby clothes also have a large selection of baby shoes. Check them all out.

Purchasing furniture for a child's room requires as much importance as any other room in your home Think exactly what you are looking for,like design, storage space and washable accessories.

Before you begin shopping for your baby's room, make sure that you know the dimensions of the room so that you can easily decide the size of furniture you have to buy.

Also, consider furniture pieces that can be used as your infant grows. Dressers and wardrobes easily can advance with your child. Don't just think of an infant when buying baby furniture. Good pieces (with the exception of the crib) could see your child his (or her) college years. However, be sure to buy a good crip; your grandchildren may have to use it.!

When buying baby furniture safety and practicality should always be the main concern. While antiques may be beautiful, for example, make certain they are sturdy enough to support the child's weight as your infant grows. And check to be sure they do not contain lead paint.

Look for sturdy, non-tip construction on all items. Make sure they don't have any small pieces that could be swallowed or become a choking hazard. Smooth edges and round corners are a must, so look for sharp points and rough edges and pass on any item that fails this test.

Also, avoid exposed hinges or springs, or products with strings, cords or ribbons. There are a host of online sites to help guide you in your selection of not only baby furniture, but also baby bedding.

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