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Raising children with high self esteem

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American Girl Doll
A Special Doll for a Special Girl
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Ways to build self esteem in children

Life is not always full of dream houses and fancy cars and ball gowns. Even little girls understand that ... some more than others. 

When a young girl is informed that she need glasses, or braces, or chemotherapy, it is easy to feel alone - and quite unlike everyone else. Fortunately, there are dolls available whose "lives" are as complicated and imperfect as the little girls who love - and relate - to them. 

One way to comfort, and raise the self-esteem of, a child is to make sure that she does not feel alone.

Glamorous Glasses

Unfortunately, glasses often means teasing. Taunts of "four eyes" are easier to endure when you have a friend nearby watching over you. Plenty of famous people also wear glasses, and now she gets to join the prestigious group!

Service Dog

Sometimes courageous souls need a helping hand, or paw. If your little girl requires a service dog to better navigate the world, consider a service pet for a special doll as well.  Service dogs bring increased independent; they also bring increased attention.  The added interest is understandable, though, with a service pet as handsome as this!


It can be difficult to keep a child's spirits up when they are confined to a wheelchair. Remind her that there are plenty of people who have amazing, active lives - and who just happen to use a wheelchair as well.  A doll in a wheelchair can remind her that she is not alone, and that a wheelchair is just a tool to help her live the best life possible.

Crutches and cast

When your little one is sidelined by crutches or a cast, the whole world seems to be having more fun than she is having!  Sports seem a distant memory and all her friends are busy at practice or games. When her doll is sidelined with an "injury" of her own, though, the bench becomes more bearable!

Hearing aids

Reassure your child that even with a loss of hearing, she can still accomplish her goals. History is full of successful individuals who also happened to be deaf or who required hearing aids. By allowing her to interact with a doll that also needs a hearing aid, you allow your child to engage in a cathartic an outlet to address her fears and frustrations and increase her self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Hairless dolls

Even girls who must deal with alopecia or chemotherapy can have a companion to share their fears with--thanks to the bald American Girl doll. Just like compassionate friends and family who have shaved their hair in order to show support for a child suffering from the loss of her hair, having a doll that shares her lack of locks reminds a child that she is not alone and can bolster both spirits and courage.

Retainer and headgear

Braced may be a rite of passage, but they can still cause self-consciousness and embarrassment, especially if a child is the first of their friends to have braces, or a retainer or headgear. It is easier for a child when they do not have to blaze a path alone. When a friend also has a retainer or headgear it feels more natural and is easier to endure.

Childhood can be a difficult time, and having obvious health issues can make it even more difficult to raise a child with high self-esteem, but by reassuring her that she is not alone, but allowing her outlets for cathartic play, and by providing open communication to discuss any fears or problems that she is having, you can help your child to have more confidence and compassion.

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