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Focus on your child’s strengths and interests to promote active learning
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"The essence of intelligence is skill in extracting meaning from everyday experience." - Unknown

If you are looking for summer learning activities that will keep your child motivated during the summer months, look no further. Although some parents feel that students "need a break" from learning during the summer, nothing could be further from the truth! Summer can be a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn new skills as well as reinforce what they learn in school. In fact, children are likely to forget much of what they learn in school if they do not revisit topics or practice skills during the summer. In order to avoid having your child experience a lag at the beginning of the next grade, we encourage you to support their active learning throughout the year!

While no one expects kids to sit down and muddle through flashcards in July, there are many ways students can gain valuable hands-on learning experiences. One of the challenges students face is that learning can seem less fun as they progress from preschool to elementary school or from elementary to middle school; consequently, they can start to tune out. Struggling readers and students who have not mastered basic math facts such as their multiplication tables soon realize that learning is hard work and may start to avoid it. As a parent, you can use valuable modeling techniques to increase your child's enthusiasm for learning and help them develop

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