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Good and Evil preview
Good and Evil is a popular new Christian graphic novel, illustrated by Marvel Comic artist Danny Bulanadi
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Teaching your children values is easier with graphic novels, like Good and Evil

Teaching your children values and raising a Christian family can be particularly challenging in the world today.  Amid hectic schedules and modern lifestyles, many parents question how to make the ancient stories of the Bible relevant to children today.

Long ago, in the era of shepherds and scribes, the Bible was certainly relevant.  However, the world has changed dramatically since the Hebrew people liberated themselves from centuries of slavery in Egypt. 

Today's reality is a world of fascinating scientific discoveries, lighting fast internet communication, real time television coverage, international travel made possible by jets, and even space exploration.  In this modern world, it is all too easy to overlook the importance of making time for reflection on God, Jesus and even destiny. 

If you are a Christian parent struggling with the task of teaching your children values in today's world, you may be interested to learn about a new book that is successfully making biblical psalms, Scriptures and lessons, both relevant and engaging to today's children and teens. 

The unusual Christian comic book, titled Good and Evil has been described as the ultimate superhero comic, a story of sacrifice, war, temptation, betrayal, hope and redemption.
The Good and Evil graphic novel began as a project of No Greater Joy Ministries, an organization operated by husband and wife team Michael and Debi Pearl.  These dedicated Christians were convinced there had to be a better method for sharing and teaching Gospel stories in a more relevant, contemporary format.

The Pearls were aware of the popularity of comic books, particularly with the younger generations.  They knew that classics such as Batman, Superman and Spiderman had started as simple cartoons with powerful messages about good and evil.  These comics had eventually grown to become television series and major motion pictures with international merchandising.

The Pearls approached retired Marvel Comic artist Danny Bulanadi, and pitched him their creative idea of illustrating the stories of the Bible in a colorful, contemporary, chronological, graphic novel format.  Bulanadi accepted, and went to work on the massive project that consumed over two years of the talented artist's life.

Today, teaching your children values can be effortless, enjoyable and rewarding with the help of the Good and Evil comic book.  This unique book, offering important lessons about love, kindness, patience, faithfulness, self-control and gentleness, has already been translated into more than one hundred different languages.  Good and Evil has been a particularly powerful and important book in corners of the world where the Bible is banned.

Most recently, No Greater Joy Ministries has undertaken the production of a Christian fiction movie documenting their amazing journey and impressive process of creating the Good and Evil graphic novel. 

If you are committed to teaching your children values and raising a Christian family, visit your local library or bookstore to order Good and Evil.

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