Top 10 girls names for 2006

By Merry Strong
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What were the most popular baby girl names in 2006
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Like everything else, baby names come and go in fashion. What sounded like the perfect name ten or twenty years ago may sound all wrong today. And yet many names from our grandparents' generation are back on today's lists. While there is no official, set in stone, list of top baby names, there are some sites that provide a good snapshot of popular names for the previous year.

The Social Security Application List

The Social Security Administration began compiling a list of top baby names in 1997. Based on over 4 million social security card applications for that same year, the top 10 girls' names for 2006 are:
  1. Emily – (English) to strive, excel or rival.
  2. Emma – (Latin) entire.
  3. Madison – (English) son of Matthew (one of many traditionally male names now popular choices for girls)
  4. Isabella – (Italian) God is my oath.
  5. Ava – (Latin) like a bird.
  6. Abigail – (Hebrew) joy of the father.
  7. Olivia – (English) elf army.
  8. Hannah – (Hebrew) grace.
  9. Sophia – (Greek) wisdom.
  10. Samantha (U.S.) probably combined name of Samuel and Anthea.

Baby Center Member's List According to 370,000 members, registered at Baby, the list that follows is an accurate account of the top 10 girls names for 2006. (On this particular list Hannah was #11 and Samantha was #22.)
  1. Emma – see above.
  2. Madison – see above.
  3. Ava – see above.
  4. Emily – see above.
  5. Isabella – see above.
  6. Kaitlyn – (Celtic) pure.
  7. Sophia – see above.
  8. Olivia – see above.
  9. Abigail – see above.
  10. Hailey – (English) from the hay.
If these names are not what you had in mind, continue on with your search.

Take into consideration names that are unique to your faith, names that reflect your family's heritage and names of ancestors, all of which have been lovingly passed down through the generations.

Visit baby-related sites. The majority of them have compiled unique lists of their own. Look over them. With all of the choices out there, it won't take long to find the perfect name for your little girl.

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