Uncommon baby girl names

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Choosing a distinctive name is not always easy.
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Throughout time, parents (and the rest of the well meaning family of the soon to be born offspring) have had lively discussions regarding bestowing uncommon baby girl names on the innocent child. They've been known to join forces against the well-meaning, busy-body grandparents who mistakenly believe they should have their say in the matter of baby names, and choosing the baby's unique name.

Whatever the discussions and regardless of how heated they become, parents should ultimately choose the baby names that THE CHILD can actually enjoy having. Think about uncommon baby girl names that have some distinction; names that are pleasant sounding, a name free of potential for ridicule from nasty playground creeps. Your baby girl will not always be protected in a stroller. Take into consideration when selecting a name that kids (boys and girls) can mean and ridiculing—even over a name.

When considering uncommon baby girl names, choose those that evokes pleasant thoughts and carry a definition that is meaningful to you. Remember, your baby's name will cast a strong first impression, so choose carefully from your ultimate list of baby names.

One suggestion that is unscientific (but reasonably accurate) is an experiment to rule out loser unusual baby names. Take the top 2 or 3 baby names from your list to a busy playground. Yell the baby names out loud, one at a time. If too many children turn around, you might consider that the proposed baby name is too popular and overused. If people look at you like you're crazy, you may want to reconsider. This is a strong indication that your child may never forgive you sticking her (or him) with a weirdo name that no one can pronounce. Once you have selected a name, be sure to check out the many catalogers and online merchants at in their baby department listing. You'll find some great ideas and products that will make your life with baby so much easier and rewarding.

Another thought for creating unusual baby girl names is to choose two or more names to create one unique and unusual name. By separating two names into syllables and combining the syllables in a different order, you can create new and uncommon baby girl names. You can even scramble words to create new baby names. For example, Sarita comes from combining the names Sam and Rita.

Or, if you prefer to go back in time to names that were popular in the 1960's, for example, consider these: Barbara, Debra, Donna Elizabeth, Linda, Lisa, Mary, Susan. Although not fitting into the category of uncommon baby girl names, the following also were top names in previous years: Alexis, Ashley, Chloe, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Grace, Hannah, Hunter, Jessica, Jordan, Julia, Lauren, Madeline, Madison, Megan. Here's a list –from A to Z of some unusual baby girl names that you might consider. Always remember that your baby girl will be growing up, so choose wisely. She's the one that has to live with her name. Be sure to look at the web site for the babies department to find books that will help you decide.

A—Adara,,Addison B—Berneen, Bernessa C—Calandra, Caldora D—Dakota, Damaris E—Elspeth, Edmonda F—Fayette, Fallon G—Gedalia, Geena H—Hadley, Harmony I - Idette , Idonea J - Jacey, Joletta K—Kacey, Kayley L—Lexi, Loris M—Macey, Marlee N—Narda, Nita O—Ona, Ola P—Paige, Peyton Q—Quinn, Quinta R—Rebekah, Rylee S—Saige, Sable T—Toni, Tora U—Una, Ursula V - Voletta Vanda, W—Wilda, Willa X—Xana, Xanda Y—Yetta, Yolanda Z—Zara, Zoey

When choosing a baby name make sure it fits the baby. For instance, you do not want to give a male name to a baby girl. There are thousands of baby girl names to choose from ... it's quite overwhelming to have so many names available. Our society is becoming a mixture of races and cultures - and baby names (for both boys and girls) are part of that mixture!

So, how will you decide on your baby girl names? Will you choose ancestors' names? Will you choose cute names or serious names? Unique or popular names? Create your own names?

Before settling on a name, ask yourself these questions: 1. When my baby girl is a grown woman, will her baby name be taken seriously? 2. If I give her a cute nickname, will that name last into adulthood? 3. Is the name too common? Is the name too uncommon?

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